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Jan 16, 2013 02:38 PM

Three New Taiwanese Restaurants in Arcadia

Providing further evidence of the eastward creep of the SGV food locus, 3 new Taiwanese restaurants have opened up in Arcadia, including one at a site not previously a Chinese restaurant. Perhaps of greatest interest is Taipei Garden, which replaces the veggie restaurant at Las Tunas and Baldwin, which raytamsgv indicates is relocating to Rosemead, perhaps under the name Lunar Feast (signage there is conflicting). Taipei Garden seems to be an affiliate of, but not a branch of Liang's Village. Everything indicates that Taipei Garden is the name of the restaurant, but there is also the Mama Liang logo on the restaurant exterior. However there do not appear to be any other references to Liang's in the restaurant. In any event they're doing a booming business.

Further up at 1220 S. Baldwin is Shawn Cafe, which is the successor to the successor to Machi Fusion. The previous restaurant was there for such a short period of time that I completely missed it. Finally in the shopping center at 713 W. Duarte Road is Carol's Cafe. I'm not sure what it replaces, but it wasn't a Chinese restaurant.

Note that all three of these restaurants opened up in December, so they belong on the 2012 list. Still looking for the first 2013 opening.

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  1. Isn't Rowland Heights evidence enough of the eastward creep?

    99 Ranch has opened up a branch in Rancho Cucamonga. I would probably draw that as the east most boundary for now :)

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    1. re: Porthos

      lots of asian people i know have moved east. I think i hear of more house warming parties eastwards than in the 626 nowadays.

      also for carols cafe, it used to be a taiwanese coffee shop "roasters family coffee" from what I remember, i asked the owner awhile back what why the name on the menus inside did not match the "roaster family coffee" sign outside, and she said something to the effect that she has taken over it and it is now carols cafe

      i could be wrong though, as it was awhile back

      1. re: Porthos

        Rowland Heights/Hacienda Heights is actually a separate node. Started up with the 99 Ranch Market opening on Nogales around 1990.

      2. ID Cha House opened in early January in the same plaza as Yi Mei and Luscious Dumplings in Monrovia. Not technically a restaurant, but I think they serve the typical Taiwanese food you would find at boba places.

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        1. re: lileor

          a.k.a. fake 85°C. Surprising they built up their own constituency.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            for some reason my chinese friends LOVE the alhambra(?) location on valley. Yea they jacked the name from 85 but quickly changed it.

            apparently things like their lite green milk tea and roasted oolong are favorites. The flavors are much more subtle than syrup heavy places like tea station, some may say bland.

            They also had items like shaved snow quite early on and appear to have the right mix for the yuppie chinese crowd

            So while i dislike them for jacking the 85c name, i think they're good enough on their own also.

            1. re: jasongg06

              I've only read bad reviews for both the OG and this new location. Though I figure I will end up there one of these days since it's in my hood. But my go to boba places in the area are Tasty 2 Go and Honeyboba.

              1. re: lileor

                went to the monrovia branch. the french waffle was good! Service was excellent.

              2. re: jasongg06

                the 85 degrees name was not exactly something that would draw crowds from miles away anyways. bubble tea is more about convenience of location.

                1. re: andrew_eats

                  hey andrew it's jason from above (new sn)

                  location definitely a strong point, being in the middle of san gabriel/alhambra. that spot has been "hot" since it was horoscope cafe and had gamestructure next to them

                  i think using 85 was just for convenience

            2. re: lileor

              The waffles and service was excellent. 10% off when you checkin.

            3. Tried Shawn Cafe. It's alright but technically not Taiwanese. The management is from China. There are some Taiwanese options on the menu, but I'd say it's more Chinese than Taiwanese.

              (if we wanna get technical)
              Food was mediocre.

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              1. re: ClarissaW

                Apparently they have a Taiwanese specialty item, rice flour pork bun (or something like that).