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Jan 16, 2013 02:27 PM

What are the best bakeries in Houston?

Looking for the best bread in Houston (sweet and/or salty).
What's your favorite bakery, why it is your favorite and what do you normally buy there?
Are there any good Mexican bakeries around?
Any thoughts are welcome.

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  1. El Bolillo

    If you go to the one on Airline, be sure to go say Hi to the Houston Dairymaids a block south.

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    1. I don't eat a lot of sweets, but I would go to Crave if I got a craving again, specifically for Dulce de Leche cupcake. Available only on certain days.

      1. El Bolillo is the best panaderia I know of; especially for teleras. (I'm not much of a fan of pan dulce). Also, look for the tortillas - a lady makes masa by hand (nixtamalizes) the old fashioned way and makes the best corn tortillas I've ever had, good enough to eat by themselves. She also does pretty awesome flour tortillas. Every other tortilleria in town is using industrially produced masa. There's no comparison.

        Slow Dough Bread Co. is probably the best bakery in town. They mostly supply commercial accounts and don't have a store-front of their own but some of their breads are available at Revival Market on Heights, just north of I-10, and at Houston Dairymaids. They also still appear at Farmer's Markets, so far as I know. I haven't seen them lately but I haven't been looking for them. I find their pretzel breads and rolls too salty and their rolls too hard for sandwiches or hot dogs.

        Three Brothers is a kosher bakery with a couple of locations now that's been around for decades. They make what I think are the best hamburger buns and hot dog buns and also awesome Jewish pastries. The original location is pretty close to me and is where I go most of the time. I also buy breads from Central Market or Whole Foods if I'm there and Belden's, a grocery store near me if I don't feel like driving just for bread.

        Both El Bolillo and 3 Brothers are also known for their cakes but other than a piece of the Tres Leches from EB one time I haven't tried any of them as I'm not much of a sweets person.

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          Mmmmmmm SlowDough........

          They also sell at Georgia's at I10 and Tully.

          Awesome baguettes.

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            This is great. Thanks brucesw! I'm pretty much thinking of breads, teleras and baguettes. I'm not a big fan of sweets either.

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            1. Maybe not what the OP is looking for but on-topic, I happened to remember this weekend, for Chinese, 6 Ping is the best, with two locations in Chinatown. I go to the newer one on BW 8 at Beechnut in the Viet Hoa center because it's more convenient to me. Always lots of fun things to try; my favorite so far is the Red Bean Paste (adzuki) bun.