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Jan 16, 2013 02:26 PM

What are the best bakeries in Dallas?

Looking for the best bread in Dallas (sweet and/or salty).
What's your favorite bakery and what do you normally buy there?
Are there any good Mexican bakeries around?
Any thoughts are welcome.

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  1. For breads, we like Empire Bakery in Inwood Village shopping center or the recently opened Village Bakery.

    We also like La Spiga in Addison very much.

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      I like the bread at Empire, especially the baguette which is the best I've had in the area.

      Village Bakery has the best pastries I've enjoyed in the area, specifically the croissant and vanilla kouign amann. I took a bite of the kouign amann and immediately went back in and bought a couple more :) Baguette was alright (ok flavor, crumb a little small/even, not enough crust) but Empire is better.

      I loved the crusty white bread from Constantin's (now closed) but I think his bread still shows up at some markets ('ve seen it at Jimmy's in the past).

      Ravelin is worth a visit to Denton try pretty good quality pastries with a broader selection. I'd check their hours ahead of a visit.

      I also like the white chocolate apricot bread at Central Market and their breakfast bread.

      The Asian bakeries have some pretty interesting selections for sweet/savory pastries. I don't particularly like the savory ones but I love the sweet taro pastries I've tried. The bakery inside 99 Ranch is my favorite and their french bread is pretty great when you can get ahold of it. The one inside H-Mart is pretty good as are the various Cafe Mozart's scattered around.

      I go to Fiesta to get some plain bolillo's on occasion... make for the best chewy hoagie style sandwich bread. Also get their filled churros, like them better than donuts.

    2. Empire does the best job.
      I've gotten some "off" items from Village Bakery, but bought at a local market in the spring; not their store. Hopefully they have improved.

      From Empire - baguette is perfection. Walnut Scallion bread. Pane Paisano. Cinnamon roll. Croissants. Trail mix cookie. Those are my favorites.

      1. So it's not Dallas, but back in summer, a neighbor was talking good things about Anakaren Bakery in Arlington - don't know the exact location.

        Also Breadhaus in Grapevine.

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          They have one on the West side of Fort Worth off camp bowie that I use to go to often. They have Mexican Pastries and a small cafe for Mexican food. Different kinds of Tres Leche cakes, whole or by the slice. I've never tried the cakes though. I always got the pastries. I recommend the pasties that look like croissants that are stuffed with a really good cream cheese filling. I also really enjoyed the "oreja palmeras", they are a fillo baked sweet pastry. My favorite to dip in coffee or tea.

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            also black rooster in fort worth for a great baguette & sandwiches.

          2. Almost hate to say it, but Panera Bread Company makes some surprisingly good bread.

            1. German styles - Bread Haus in Grapevine
              Sandwich or Interesting Flavor Combos - La Spiga in Addison, Empire - Lovers and Inwood or Ravelin in Denton

              Mexican bakeries depend on what you are looking for? What is you one go to pastry?

              My favorite bakery is by far Ravelin in Denton. They do pastry options very well (croissants both savory and sweet), muffins, eclairs (best I have had) and cakes. They also have a rotating variety of breads and makes baguettes daily.

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                I second Ravelin in Denton. Their pies are especially good.