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Jan 16, 2013 01:22 PM

Grass fed butter and cheese [Buffalo,NY]

Does anyone know where I can buy grass fed butter and cheese in buffalo, ny. I lived in Toronto and bought grass fed butter from a local farm at an incredibly insane price. Any suggestion is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. I could be wrong on this, but my understanding is that ALL butter in Canada is grass fed, unlike in the U.S. Lucky you! With cheese, I would think the country of origin would be the best indicator of whether it's grass fed. Most countries do have grass fed cattle. It's only here in the U.S. where we seem to be determined to feed animals foods they would not normally eat, that grass fed is now a premium product demanding top dollar. We are a strange lot. '-)

    1. Kerrygold which I find in my regular grocery store is grassfed.

        1. Check out . Their stuff is fantastic, although I'm not sure they make butter. They are available at some shops in the area as well as the Bidwell Farmer's market in the warmer months. You might also ask at the Lexington Food Coop on Elmwood Ave.

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            Thank you very much. We will definitely make a trip to their store at Lexington Avenue. I read tht their yogurt is outof the world! Thank you.

          2. Hit up Nickel City Cheese and Mercantile on Elmwood in Buffalo. Jill the owner will take care of you. Cheese, meats and more (butter I'm not sure but most likely).

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              Thank you very much. I will make a trip there soon