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Jan 16, 2013 12:59 PM


can anyone tell me what temp is high and lo to set oven for thedutch oven please

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    1. Hi, Venicia:

      Your question sounds simple, but neither it nor the answer is straightforward.

      The settings on all crockpots with which I'm familiar aren't by temperature--they're simply "High" and "Low" (and sometimes "Medium"). It's natural to think that these settings are translatable to the same temperatures across the entire world of crockpots, but that assumption would be wrong. They're *wattage* settings, and these settings can vary from make to make, model to model, and size to size. Says one manufacturer:

      "These wattages are set to ensure that a standard food load (as described in AHAM spec SC-1-1979) will reach a safe internal temperature [i.e.,>165F] within approximately four hours. The wattage required to do this is different for different models, and many variables are involved; (start temperature, food load, room temperature, etc.). Eventually slow cookers will reach a maximum temperature, however the temperature will be different for different environmental conditions and different food loads. Given enough time most food loads will reach the same maximum temperature on both "Low" and "High."

      Now then, if you already have a crockpot, to duplicate the time-at-temperature in an oven, you'll have to actually measure the max temp of your crockpot with an instant-read thermometer at each setting.

      If you don't have a CP or the thermometer, you will need to experiment. I would start with an oven temperature of 225F. If the dish is overdone in the allotted time, next time set the oven a bit lower. If underdone, you know to nudge the heat up some.

      Another helpful hint is that removing the lid from a crockpot is supposed to add roughly 20 minutes to your cooking time.


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      1. re: kaleokahu

        Aloha Kakou:

        Well, here's what I found out testing my 2-speed crockpot (a 5-qt Rival, Mod. 3355) using an immersible probe thermometer inside the crock and an IR gun on the metal housing.

        Taking 10C of 50F tap water and a room-temperature unit to max temperature, the Tmax inside the covered crock was the same, namely 177F, on both High and Low settings. However, the *housing* got measurably warmer on High (198F) than it did on Low (178F).

        The only discernible difference between the settings was the time to Tmax. Here's how it measured out:


        My practical conclusions from this (at least using this quantity of water in this model) are:

        (a) It takes >4.5 hours to bring food into the 165F safety zone on Low, versus a little more than 3.5 hours on High.

        (b) If you're going to be away all day (say 9 hours) working while the crockpot is on, your food will spend 2.5 hours at Tmax on Low, versus 5.5 hours on High.

        (c) On either setting, you better not be in any hurry.

        Of course, your results may vary.


      2. It depends on what you are making, how long you need to cook it, etc.
        Also, do you want a comparison (as the title suggests) or do you want to know about dutch oven temps?
        So, more information would be helpful in answering your specific question.

        1. If you want to know what oven temperature correlates to your crock pot settings, then I can't help you, I don't know what crock pot you have and even if I did I couldn't say what temperatue your specific crock pot is at the high or low setting.

          If you want to know what would be considered a high oven setting and a low oven setting then I would say high is 450°F (232°C) and low is 250°F (121°C), this is based on a typical medium oven of 350°F (177°C) and an oven temperature range of 500°F (260°C) on the high end and 200°F (93°C) on the low end.

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          1. re: mikie

            Agreed. I have a pork shoulder recipe that is done in a DO. It starts by browning on the top of the stove, then into a 450 oven uncovered for 30 minutes, and then low and slow and covered at 250.

          2. Your question is either not very clear or not precise.

            If you want to know what is considered as high temperature and low temperature for oven cooking, then I will say anything above 450oF is high and anything below 250oF is low.

            If you want to know what is the corresponding temperature of the power settings on crockpot, then I will tell you there is no definite answer. A crockpot is control by power, not by temperature. Therefore, a low power setting does not have definite temperature. On top of that, different crockpots have different settings -- they are not universal. The crockpot, however, is a slow cooking device. So even at the "high" power setting for crockpot, it is not suppose to cook at high temperature.