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Jan 16, 2013 12:29 PM

Late night eats in Kansas City MO

Next month I'm headed to KC for a bbq weekend for my birthday. I'll be getting there about 11:45pm on a Thursday night. Not sure if I'll be staying by the airport or downtown on the first night. That all depends on where I can get some late night grub. Anything good open late?

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  1. Westport Cafe has a late night menu until 1:00am. Great food, cocktails and service. I live close to the airport and can't think of much other than IHOP.

    1. My favorite REALLY late night place downtown is YJ's Snack Bar

      They cook a different dinner special every night, usually whatever the eclectic cook feels like making. I stumble in at 3:00am and ask "what do you have" and they just list whatever is available. It could be lasagna, or red beans and rice, or fajitas, or meatloaf. They always have killer desserts, too. It caters to the post-bar crowd, but I've seen all types there.