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Jan 16, 2013 12:20 PM

Need LA help- SB for lg group inc kids [Moved from L.A. board]

I am posting in LA since most of you r experts of Santa Barbara.

I need a sat night rest rec for a large group (30 people) 12 yr old boys. We r traveling for a water polo tournament. Would like some where that is obviously casual that could accommodate all of us. No chains pls. Fun local pizza & great craft beer would be great.

At Stanford over the summer, we found a divey bar/rest that had a pool table & video games. Served BBQ. Parents could relax and wat&drink while kids could play pool & games.

Something similar would be awesome.

Thx for your help!

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    1. Probably talking about Dutch Goose near Stanford. A fun place for all ages. In SB you might try Giovanni's pizza. They have a location on State st and on the Mesa. Their ad says that they have video games for kids. I love Olio pizza, but more of a sit down formal restaurant.

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        Whoops. Missed the "fun" part of the local pizza need.

      2. Pizza Mizza in the La Cumbre Plaza Mall- gluten free choices on top of good pizza, not sure if they have arcade, but they do have movie nights in the summer, so they are kid centered.

        Pertrinis in Goleta- in a nice strip mall right off the Hwy101- arcade and great pizza/italian food choices

        Zodo's Bowling Alley in Goleta has what you are looking for in arcade and food and atmosphere for a group of boys- fgreat drafts for the adults, right off the Hwy 101

        Good luck at the tournament!!