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Jan 16, 2013 12:00 PM

NYC In February! Foodies Give me Ideas

Hello, My husband and I are going for Friday and Saturday.
We like places that are hip (not hipSTER) and delicious food, but I don't like things that are too too crazy. Nothing CRAZY expensive but does not have to be super cheap. And also fun bars that are not a club scene or super trendy or whatever...just fun places that are kind of divey
So far, here is our plan:
Friday: Lunch, want a place with good food (not fancy, but eat in) and an awesome craft beer list.
Friday night we are going to Apizz for dinner with relatives that live in LES

Dim Sum at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown
Reciprocol Skateboards for pinball
Milk bar for baked goods
dinner: up in the air...hundred acres is a thought...we are looking for a small hip gastro pub with awesome food and awesome drink list

we are staying at hotel rivington, but we do not mind travelling for dinner...the suggestions are more for Saturday night and bars because Friday is pretty planned out.
Open to other restaurant suggestions for dinner...
Also, is the comedy cellar a good place for comedy? My husband HATES comedy clubs because they are so hit or miss, but I kind of really want to go...

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  1. > Friday: Lunch, want a place with good food (not fancy, but eat in) and an awesome craft beer list.

    Check out these past discussions

    I think you would definitely like Spitzer's Corner and maybe jump over to Marshall Stack afterwards. Not super gourmet, but good food. I'm not sure you'd like DBGB as it is not dive-y feeling at all. You might also want to check out Randolph Beer. None of these are too far from the LES.

    > Dim Sum at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown

    Joe's Shanghai is known more for soup dumplings than dim sum (har gow, sui mai, rice noodle rolls, egg tarts). What about Nom Wah or Dim Sum Go Go instead?

    > dinner: up in the air...hundred acres is a thought...we are looking for a small hip gastro pub with awesome food and awesome drink list

    By drinks, you mean cocktails? Gastropubs usually only serve beer. Look into the Cannibal, Breslin, Spotted Pig, Clerkenwell.

    How long would you be willing to wait for a table? Many of these places don't take reservations and you want to dine out on a Saturday night, so waits could be long.

    Also the moderators on prefer we keep discussions focused on food and drink, BTW.

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    1. re: kathryn

      I did not know...I am new to posting onto Chow Hound, so I thought I would just throw in the pin ball and the comedy for ideas!! Sorry:)
      I usually go by what people tell me but NYC can be overwhelming since they have soo many restaurants!!!
      Spitzers was one that I had chosen as a possibilty for lunch, but you never know with just google, awesome!
      Lunch/dinner, etc doesn't have to be divey...just the bars..and not all of the bars either, I just want to go somewhere where we do not have to get all dressed up and then stand around with really loud techno music...that is all that I meant:)
      DBGB looks really cool!!
      Okay, I am going to look at all of these. I have actually never ever had Dim Sum, and neither has my husband, but we both have always wanted to, so which one of the two do you recommend?
      Well, I did not know that you could not make reservations...hmmm...I don't know. I never really thought about it. What would be a good time to go if we do not want to wait forever, or I guess we would not mind too much. I had not thought about it!!!
      Thanks for all of your suggestions, thus far!

      1. re: Meggles777

        "actually never ever had Dim Sum"
        - Maybe read through a few Manhattan dim sum threads. I think first you gotta decide if you want carts (ladies pushing the food around the dining room and you order off them) or menu.
        There seems to always be debate over cart vs no-cart. If its your fist time, I'd suggest to go with carts - likely more fun (and interesting and diferent) than simply ordering from a menu.
        One other suggestion; try to go with more people (maybe your relatives living in nearby LES). In general, you get to try more stuff before filling up with a group of 4 or 6 rather than just two of you.

        1. re: porker

          Okay, I will check out the threads. I definitely want the carts. That is what I always hear about. You would think I live in a hole not ever having had it before!!! LOL

        2. re: Meggles777

          Here's the Serious Eats guide to dim sum:

          It is definitely a fun experience but I'd recommend doing research beforehand so you know what to expect. And so you don't accidentally order chicken feet, y'know?

          If I wanted to minimize my wait somewhere, I'd go around 5:30 or 6pm. But each restaurant is different, attracts a different crowd, etc. Some restaurants you can reserve at but typically the "gastropub" type is more casual, and you can't.

          1. re: kathryn

            Although of course the problem with going at 5:30 or 6 is that you miss the crowd that makes the place cool to begin with.

            It's a vicious circle, really: when the crowd's there, the wait's too long. But when it isn't, the place is less fun. (Actually, to me the way to beat that problem is to go late rather than going early. But that has its problems, too, of course.)

            Can you tell I hate the no-reservations policy?

            1. re: kathryn

              Just to be clear, I assume your 5:30/6pm comment is NOT related to dim sum....

              I'd recommend to purposely get the chicken feet - at least to give 'em a try.

              1. re: porker

                Yes, 5-6pm for dinner withou having to wait.

                1. re: kathryn

                  I will check out all dim dum suggestions..the husband said he is down with chicken scares me personally, but I guess I will try it.
                  As far as my saying gastropub...that is not correct and not what I meant...I should not have used that term. LOL
                  What we want it like a small, NICE place that has awesome food, a cool atmosphere and a place where you can make a reservation....this is for saturday night...and then some bars that are really cool...again we do not care the neighborhood, but obviously don't want to zig zag all over the place so whatever place we go to, we would probably want to stay in. Casual for lunch Friday, and I guess we will choose that Spitzer's Place. Also, we are fine eating late Saturday, because it seems we will be eating ALL weekend. Thank you again for all of your suggestions!!!

                  1. re: Meggles777

                    What dates in February will you be here?

                    What is your budget per person for Saturday night? We can give better recommendations if we know your preferred cuisines and a food only cost for you (that is, before tax, tip, and drinks/wine).

                    1. re: kathryn

                      Hmmm....February 22nd-24th
                      Preferred Cuisine, I would say I am willing to try anything but not Italian because that is what we are doing Friday night. I would say like new age American (fancy bistro) maybe? As far as budget...I would not want to spend more than $300 on dinner. Somewhere between $250-$300
                      Does that help?

                      1. re: Meggles777

                        The Marrow
                        The Dutch
                        The NoMad
                        The Breslin

                    2. re: Meggles777

                      It sounds to me like you're asking for Acme.

          2. The original comment has been removed
              1. re: scoopG

                Thank you! I will check these out!

              2. La Silhouette
                Vice Versa

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