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Dunkin Donuts to open up in SoCal

No need to head to Vegas anymore to get your fix.


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  1. Ristretto, you just made my day! I have been waiting for this good news for a very long time.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I never understood why Dunkin' left in the first place. They used to be all over So Cal along with Winchell's. I guess they died out in the CA "eat tofu and be healthy" craze.

      I used to go to Dunkin' on the corner or Harbor Blvd & Warner in Santa Ana heading home from Disneyland when I didn't feel like using the freeway. Across from Dunkin's was a Naugles Tacos. What a great treat at 2:30AM, glazed donuts and tacos or quesadilla from Naugles.

        1. Drunken Nuts are coming back? The impaired drivers of SoCal are weaving in eager, bloodshot eyed anticipation...

          1. Didn't realize they'd ever left.

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              I had always thought this was an east coast chain, didn't know there ever were any DDs here in LA, how interesting! Think all the hipsters that drop big dough on starbucks, peet's intelligentsia & blue bottle will feel left out? Naw, me neither....

            2. Are you going for the donuts or their coffee?

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                There are certainly better donuts and coffee to be had elsewhere, but I personally go for the nostalgia, in the same way as if a White Castle were to open up here.

              2. I used to drink their iced coffee by the bucketload when we visited Cap Cod in the summer. Solid donuts, the old fashioned being my favorite.

                Glad to see they're coming (back) to SoCal.

                1. Latest news on this plan from today's LA Times business section can be read here http://www.latimes.com/business/money...

                  1. Malcolm Gladwell nailed it when he noted the disparity between what most people say that they want "dark, rich, hearty roast" and what people (myself included) actually enjoy: "milky,weak coffee." You can have your HandsomeStumptownIntelligensia all you want - nothing sates me like Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I've had to make my semi-regular visits to Baskin Robbins to purchase my Dunkin K-Cups to enjoy at home (they won't sell them online). This is praiseworthy news to me indeed.

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                      I enjoy my roaster and vietnamese coffee, but sometimes a $2 burnbucks does the job. I expect it would be the same for ppl who like dunkin.

                    2. I suppose the appeal for DD is mostly for the coffee? (I don't drink coffee, so don't have an opinion either way.

                      I do eat donuts, though. :-) And I lived in NYC/CT for a decade, so had their donuts a lot. They were good enough, but seemed pretty normal for what you get at most neighborhood donut places? Or perhaps I'm missing something on the actual donut front?

                      As one other person noted, however, I can see the nostalgic appeal. Hence why I still frequent Rite Aid for Thrifty's ice cream even if the quality isn't any better than other options.

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                        I think the appeal is also for their "breakfast" type sandwiches from what I recall while visiting our son at college in Boston.

                      2. Friends of mine in Boston call it Druken Donuts

                        1. Don't know what all the fuss is about. Having grown up back East, this is a chain donut shop. Many Mom & Pop donut shops were far superior. Having said that, it's much better than Winchels.

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                            Same here. I'm not that impressed with DD or Winchels. The mom and pop shops are much better and give you bigger donuts. I'd rather go to a coffee shop for coffee.

                          2. One of the first locations to open will be in Barstow to catch the Las Vegas traffic. The Barstow In N Out Burger is one of busiest in the chain.

                            1. You can once again look for highway exit signs that say
                              "Gas, donuts, ammo".

                              1. My son used to love donuts, so ended up going to virtually all chains, well known individual shops and holes in wall. I have to say, having tried at least 30 donut shops, that they almost all taste the same! Freshness is the vital ingredient, especially for yeast donuts - the only kind my son would eat.

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                                  exactly. Almost ALL donut shops taste exactly the same. It's a same because there is obviously a market for donuts and seemingly a great opportunity for someone to actually do something different. To take a real pastry chef's approach to donuts. Why aren't there more places doing this?

                                  I've often wondered if there's a conspiracy where all the mom and pop donut places are actually sourcing their dough and recipes from the same Master Sysco-like supplier in the sky, thus homogenizing the 99.9% of the country's donut existence.

                                  1. re: adamclyde

                                    I don't know...I had one at Huckleberry (just a plain yeast sugar donut), and while it was better than most, it certainly wasn't worth the $2.50 premium!

                                2. I just wish we could get the moderators to correct this to "Dunkin Dounts RETURNS to SoCal" (though I presume the next "news" would lead to yet another "to open" post).