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Jan 16, 2013 10:56 AM

best Israeli food?

Where to find the best Israeli resto in Philly? Thanks!

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  1. Depends what you're looking for... Mama's Vegetarian is easily the best for Israeli-style falafel, they bake their own pita too and also do sabich and have good burakas. Meat stuff I don't know of any spectacular places but there are some decent options like Hamifgash for schwarma. Kanella, a Cypriot restaurant, makes really good shakshouka for brunch. The shakshouka at La Va is pretty good too (Israeli owned coffeeshop). I have also heard really good things about the shakshouka at Soup Kitchen Cafe in Fishtown. has good chicken schnitzel but the rest of the food is pretty bad -- it's kosher burgers with some Israeli-style stuff on the menu.

    Then there is Zahav which is an elevated take on Israeli cuisine. Definitely worth a visit but not traditional food -- though their hummus is the best around and the same style as what you would get in Israel. Good salatim like roasted eggplant as well. Mama's hummus great too.

    Edit -- I just saw that La Va now has a dinner menu with lots of Israeli dishes, looking forward to trying this soon.

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      Wow! What a complete response! Thank you so much :-)

    2. Well, Citron and Rose may not be 'typical' Israeli food;
      it's more of an fun take on Eastern European foodways,
      but I thought it was pretty terrific. It is Glatt Kosher,
      but all my negative thoughts about delicacy and comparative
      quality to an upscale non-Kosher place melted away.

      It is also not in Philly technically, but in Merion Station, on
      the main drag, served by a PHilly bus.

      Outstanding service; energetic vibe, not pretentious at all.
      Pricey, but worth it IMO.

      Not Kosher, but sure felt echt Israeli to me would be Zahav.