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Jan 16, 2013 10:01 AM

Weekend itinerary!

Will be there for a long weekend and as this is our first visit, we want to try as much as possible, focusing on food unique to New Orleans! Here's a possible itinerary

Lunch - K-Paul's / NOLA Restaurant / Coop's Place
Pre-dinner - Acme Oyster House
Late Dinner - Jacques-Imo's

Brunch - Commander's Palace
Snack - Cafe du Monde
Late Dinner - Cochon

Lunch - Mr B's
To take for the plane - Muffuletta from Central Grocery Co

Any recommendations/readjustments/additions? How do restaurants feel about people sharing? We're four girls, so might want so split entrees in order to fit in more meals.

EDIT: Just realized Commander's won't be opened for the Sun/Mon that we're there, so will be switching the Sat/Sun lunch plans.

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  1. I think Cochon is closed on Sunday and I cannot imagine "a snack" at Cafe du Monde. All I used to get there was coffee and, when I ordered it black and it wasn't worth shooting, I gave even that up. It is a fun tradition and the frying beignets smell great and I will go with folks who want to sit and people watch and get a sugar fix (I lost my sweet tooth years ago) so have at it if you want to. But if you do Commanders right you won't want a snack.

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      Oh you're right about Cochon. Thanks! I'll switch Sat and Sun meal plans completely. It seems like beignets are a must-try in New Orleans so maybe we'll just order one to share among us just to try it!

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        itinerary looks good for a first visit - I'd probably do Coops for lunch as opposted to KPaul/Nola- other than that, I'd probably also hit Brigtsens rather than Jacque Imos, which I'd ordinarily only go to if I was going to the Maple Leaf directly afterwords

    2. Most restaurants have no problem with sharing. If they do you may see something on the menu about extra charges.

      On your Saturday lunch choice, all three are informal dress but for atmosphere/menu complxity and cost it is probably Coops as the simplest, K-Paul and then NOLA. All are good choices.