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Jan 16, 2013 09:37 AM

Low Alcohol IPA?

I love the robust flavor of an IPA beer but most of them kick my butt (make me wasted, in 3 bottles).
Recently I discovered two beers that I'm loving that have the flavor of a nice IPA but I can enjoy more than 3 and still be standing (swaying a bit but standing).
Lagunitas Daytime IPA-this is (apparently) seasonal in the summer. I saw it disappear in my area (Connecticut) around October.
Otter Creek Hop Session-this is available year-round. It's described as part ale part IPA. It's way tasty and it has less than 5% ABV (as does the Lagunitas).

Does anyone know of others that fall into this boat?

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  1. Founder's out of Michigan has an "All Day IPA" at 4.7%

    Looks like it's available from Spring to Fall. Don't know their distribution area (they have one of those annoying zipcode based "Find our Beer" pages, rather than a simple list of states w/distributors) but while we get Founder's here in NJ I've yet to see this beer.

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      Had some of the "All Day IPA" recently. I really like it, plenty of hop flavor. Actually it was hard to tell it was a sub 5% ale.

    2. My beer prediction for 2013 is that this is the year that "Light IPA" term/style becomes known/used - and within 5-10 years will be the hottest style going.

      A local brewery here is claiming to be the first :

      It's going to get a lot more craftier up in here....

      1. Founder's All Day IPA. It's so delicious! We live in the Philadelphia area and the told us at the brew pub it should be available here in the Spring. Not sure if they meant the entire east coast. Hopefully! I like it much better than Lagunitas.

        1. thanks for the replies!! Super helpful and I too hope that 2013 will be the year of the light IPA. That would be fantastic!!

          1. Boulder makes a beer called Hazed and Infused. It is not technically an IPA but provides a nice hop kick in my opinion


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              I've been on the lookout for a beer like this for years. Seems like American microbrewers for the last decade has been all about making the biggest, baddest, highest alc beer possible without taking into account "drinkability".

              For a clean, hoppy, full flavored beer that's <6% ABV, consider one of the newer pales to hit the market. One that I really like is Pale 31 (4.9% abv) by Firestone Walker. Impossible to find but fantastic is the Row 2, Hill 56 by Russian River. Looks like you can get Lagunitas in your area. If so, Poleeko Gold is another good one.

              1. re: mikey_vee

                Victory Headwaters is also in that hoppy pale ale vein. Use of Citra gives it a new twist.