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Jan 16, 2013 09:01 AM

Has anyone been to Kiengiang restaurant in Everett?

Any thoughts on that spot?

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  1. I've been about 4 or 5 times only having had the same 2 things: pork bun with spring rolls and dac biet. A little uneven sometimes but I think a great improvement on the former occupant Pho # 9 which I always found unfriendly, mediocre and a little dirty.

    First time the pho broth seemed a little bland but 2 subsequent visits found a great improvement.

    Grilled pork on the bun was nicely cooked and flavorful and the spring rolls hot and fresh. The nuoc cham seemed very salty compared to others I've had, but I enjoyed the bun very much.

    Waitresses are friendly but I've been seated in some akward spots despite the place being slow when I've gone (seated near front door on cold day, right next to very large party, seated at tables devoid of condiments.).

    Biggest obstacle there for me is parking. A very small lot out front right off of busy Rte 16. I usually pull down a side street for a spot but there's been utility work lately and that's been difficult to the point where I gave up.

    I like the place and there are always Vietnamese customers in there. I plan to explore the menu more on subsequent visits.

    1. Boston Globe just gave this place a rave:

      Completely off my radar till now.