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Any place that serves Juane or Chonta?

  • Kurtis Jan 16, 2013 08:36 AM
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Coming to Miami soon, and Juane and chonta are one of the few things that are impossible to find in NYC that I miss terribly from trips to Peru. Are there restaurant that serves these? I did find Florida Cookery to serve a version of Chonta, but I rather find more "authentic" version...

For those who are unfamiliar, Juanes is a tamale-style jungle food that is rice-based which is sold on streets for 1-3 dollars depending on type of meat that is inside along w/ a single marinated olive that condiments the dish. My friend & I used to eat this w/ mixture of crushed pea-sized very hot pepper & salt. Chonta is a simple shaved fresh hearts of palm salad tossed w/ oil & salt +/- lime.

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  1. Ty Las Totoritas on Pines Blvd. Good Peruvian food.

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      Thanks for the reply. Not clear based on their menu if these are served. Have you had these there?

    2. This place up north has chonta on the menu:

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        Nice find, Frodnesor. It would be good 70 miles from where I will be staying in SoBe, so I am not sure whether I will get there during my visit. I would not think twice about travelling that distance for good eats if I had more spare time though.

        So is there no Peruvian restos that represent the food from Iquitos or Selba(jungle) in Miami? I am hoping otherwise...