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Jan 16, 2013 08:33 AM

I have chosen. What to choose..

What are the "must" tries in these places

Lunch: Milos, comme ca, Bacchanal buffet
Dinner: Julian Serrano, Bouchon, La Cave (late after show)

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  1. I tried Bacchanal Buffet for dinner and I was really disappointed. There was a lot of selections and some of it was made for you as requested, but I found there to be very few interesting choices. It was very standard food.

    I had paella at Julian Serrano. It was definitely good, but not one of those dishes you think about for months afterward. I think it might be more interesting to go for a bunch of their tapas instead (we had a few of those, too). I liked the goat cheese cake.

    1. JS was surprisingly just ok last night. Some hits some misses, no wows. The veggie options were the best while the white ceviche was probably the worst.
      The best thing we ate yesterday was the pastrami at Tod English Pub

      1. Skip the tuna/raspberry skewer at Julian Serrano - it's their "big" dish but I wasn't impressed. I agree that the ceviche also wasn't good. I loved the risotto, and the churros.