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Jan 16, 2013 08:10 AM

Finalizing plans

Hi all. We are 25 short days away from our 2nd trip to London. This time we have a week. Let me start by saying we love all types of food - Indian, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, pub, etc. Here's what I've got planned so far. We have an apt in S. Ken and typically eat one big meal out a day. Preferably dinner. We both like beer and wine. Any suggestions welcomed!

Day 1 - Dinner at Harwood Arms (reserved)
Day 2- Dinner at Mohsen or Noura
Day 3 - Dinner at St. John Bread & Wine (reserved) before Ceremony of the Keys
Day 4 - Trip to Greenwich. Need a suggestion for there or should we come back and eat in London?
Day 5 - Afternoon tea at The Capital at 16:30 (reserved) hoping that will hold us as we see The Audience at 19:30. Thinking afterwards of getting a drink and a little food at Bentley's Oyster Bar.
Day 6 - Brunch at Bombay Brasserie
Day 7 - ? Doing the touristy Jack the Ripper Walk at 19:30.. I have to.

Here are a list of restaurants I'm looking at that I haven't scheduled.
Roti Chai
Lahore Kebab
Delhi Grill
Son Que
Masters Super Fish
Newman Arms (my partner wants a pie)

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  1. Great itinerary, here are some suggestions

    There are places in Greenwich but it's not a particularly great place for food. Regular poster Harters has recommended a pub the Trafalgar Tavern.
    Alternatively I can see you have Song Que on the list. The Kingsland Road area is decent for Vietnamese (I prefer the Viet Grill) but serious hounds will tell you that Deptford is the place to go for proper Vietnamese food in London. Do a search for just Deptford on the board and you will find some suggestions but given you will be in the area that might work out into a nice day.

    In South Ken go to The Sampler to taste a whole range of wines from machine including some incredible icons which would otherwise be hard to taste. You can also get snacks there and take a bottle of the wine from the shop up to the bar for a flat £10 corkage.

    Bentley's after the theatre is a great idea - book ahead and ask to sit at the bar where you can have oysters or any other small plates which take your fancy.

    If you are going on the Jack the Ripper walk I believe some of them finish at the Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields which is where many of the Ripper victims drank. One of the best new restaurants in London is called Upstairs at the Ten Bells where you go through a door in the far corner of the bar. It's superb cooking with a sort of Noma approach to British ingredients and the service and room are brilliant. Highly recommended and sounds like it fits perfectly with your itinerary

    For an Indian you can't go wrong with what you've chosen. Given you are doing the brasserie I'd suggest going to Tayyabs. It's far and away the best atmosphere and the food is very good. Opinions differ vs Lahore and Delhi Grill but if you've never been to Tayyabs then try it once.

    On a more 'informal fine dining' note, Medlar is on your doorstep-ish and is getting ever more fantastic reviews as well.

    1. Where are you from?

      Song Que is not a fantastic Vietnamese place if you're from the US (assuming where you're from has a Vietnamese population).

      Mohsen is so good -- great idea. Was thinking of going there for lunch this weekend!

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        I am from the US. Originally from Atlanta but now living on St Simons Island in Georgia. We have zero authentic Asian restaurants. Actually, zero authentic anything food wise except for Mexican. My stepmother (in Atl) is from Vietnam. Just hoping to find a restaurant that equals her cooking! ;)

        I know they are two different cuisines, but you would pick Mohsen over Noura given the choice?

        1. re: czman

          for goodness sake, mohsen is on a whole other level compared to noura. just mohsens bread along with some mirza ghassemi or kashk e bademjan is to experience rapture.

          make sure you give the daily specials a chance too.

          1. re: howler

            Well that's settled then Howler! Thank you.

      2. ManinTransit

        Thank you for your reply! I actually have Viet Grill on my written list, I just didn't add it on my post. But, I've looked up Deptford on the map and think making a trip there on our Greenwich day is perfect. I will do the search here to find some restaurants. May come back to have that narrowed down to one.

        As for the Ten Bells, I've just had a look at the menu they have posted today. It looks delicious. I think that is a good plan too. Now I just need to fit in Tayyabs...

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          Any thoughts of The Newman Arms and their pies?