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Jan 16, 2013 07:53 AM

Hinoki & the Bird?

Has anyone tried David Myers's new restaurant Hinoki & the Bird (featured today on Daily Candy)?

Hinoki & the Bird
10 West Century Drive, at Avenue of the Stars, Century City

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  1. I dont think it officially opens until tomorrow (1/17)

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      1. re: carln

        I was thinking some Hounds may have gone to soft opening or sneak peek type events...

      2. Was thinking of going but then I read the menu... it doesn't read well, very boring and played out but I'd rather see pictures of the food before I decide if I want to go or not.

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        1. re: Johnny L

          That menu and the KevinEats review reminds me why I don't usually like David Myer's cooking.

        2. Considering this for an upcoming visit, so I have been looking for the first feedback.

          I thought I would post that I saw an encouraging review on the kevineats site.

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          1. re: bte576

            Just to let you know he tends to be either easily impressed for his palate or doesn't like to write bad reviews since he left a good review for Starry Nights at Tiara Cafe.

            1. re: Johnny L

              Thanks for the heads up.
              I did notice that it wasn't very critical, but nevertheless it had some nice shots and descriptions of the food. I was in the same boat as you that I wasn't very excited by the menu, but was a little more intrigued after reading that review.

              However,we already have a reservation for Son of A Gun and think we'll probably just stick with it. It may get some mixed reviews on here, but it is right by where we are staying and the ease of being able to head out for dinner and drinks without driving or calling a cab is hard to ignore.

              1. re: bte576

                Son of a Gun is great - don't change your plans!

                1. re: aching

                  OK. I won't. That was easy... :-)

          2. Prompted by an excellent New York Times Magazine review and a lot of Yelp enthusiasm, I finally made it to this restaurant last Friday. I unfortunately didn't take notes, so the details are slightly fuzzy, but I can share some impressions. The restaurant is very hidden at the bottom of a condo building in Century City (we were told that they were still working on their signage). Upon entering, there is an indoor space and a (covered) outdoor space, both pleasantly dim and rather industrial looking (faux of course - the building is brand new). There is a lot of wood and it's quite beautiful. Although it was only 6:30, the restaurant was already filling up, and we actually had to move from our first table because the group behind us was so loud. We had calamari, lobster roll, chili crab toast, kale salad, braised lamb, and beef short ribs. For dessert we had rice cream (mochi) and zephyr cake. All of it was very good, although I can't say that anything blew me away. My favorite dishes were the lobster roll (which is flavored with green curry and thai basil), kale salad, and the rice cream. I loved them while I was eating them, but I can't say that I'm compelled to return for more. But since it's only a month old, I think Hinoki has a lot of potential and could easily go from very good to great in the future.