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Jan 16, 2013 07:18 AM

Montreal Smoked Meat at Cutty's today

According to Cutty's FB page today's special is Montreal Smoked Meat on Rye. Pretty interested to see if they can get it right, will report back this afternoon. Anyone else plan on trying it?

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  1. Wish I could. Love that stuff! Reminds me I haven't been back to La Grassa's in a while.

    1. Thanks for the heads up.

      I've never had the real thing, so I'm not qualified to compare, but I can say this sandwich was very good.

      It looks very similar to the pictures I've seen of Schwartz's, if only less stuffed. Thickly sliced brisket, pretty chewy meat but not tough, taste is somewhat reminiscent of a boiled dinner or a Hebrew National. Very flavorful. The mustard was nice and needed and the light rye held up well. Served with a good pickle.

      I'd be curious to hear how it stacks up to one from Montreal.

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      1. re: HungryMack

        Thanks for the review.

        My impressions were similar, really enjoyed the sandwich. Excellent flavor overall but definitely not in the league of Schwartz's because the texture was still a bit off. I really loved the pickle though, that part was much better than Schwartz's.

        Would love if this became a weekly special as it fills a need in Boston and was a good sandwich overall. Plus with some adjustments it could be excellent.

      2. I sped over to Cutty after seeing your post. They still have it today as a special. I thought it was good, but not great. There was too much mustard on the sandwich, and they wrapped it with two pickle spears on top, so by the time I got back to the office the bread was soggy with pickle juice.

        I miss Schwartz's.

        1. Loved Schwartz's smoke meat.

          Rushed over to Cutty's this past Wednesday, only to find their Montreal Smoked Meat on Rye was a one time deal. Upon inquiry, they "confessed" that their smoke meat was NOT from Montreal, but "would be close". I might not have missed much.

          BTW, wasn't Schwartz closed or transferred to new owners?

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          1. re: eatntell

            New owners are a group including Celine Dion.