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Jan 16, 2013 06:57 AM

Birthday Dinner (Sunday night) Best Lobster in the city

Any suggestions for a birthday dinner on a sunday night where they serve fresh lobster?

Been to wah sing, the house of chan, lobster trap before
Looking for something more upscale (could be asian cuisine or not) that serves great lobster for the birthday guest!

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thx

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  1. Lobsterlicious at Scaramouche?

    1. Starfish? Call to confirm but they typically have lobster and do it extremely well.

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      1. re: Cat123

        Lobsterlicious at Scaramouche is Monday to Thursday only

        1. re: millygirl

          :( So sad! But I will definitely have to go there another time! Thx for the tip.

        2. re: Cat123

          Thank you!! And they're open Sunday. One of few places.

        3. Rodneys along with their great steak fries!

          1. If you're willing to drive, O-Mei lobster 4 ways is very festive and very, very, very good! It's not the nicest setting (room is loud and crowded) but once they bring that massive crustacean to your table, nothing else matters.

            Emperor's lobster with garlic chips is excellent too. Plus I think they're on special on Sundays. They have a nicer room than O-Mei but the 4-ways in O-Mei is more fun. At Emperor though, you could do lobster and Peking Duck. Now THAT would be a nice birthday meal :)

            If you're looking for something downtown, Starfish is excellent.

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              That sounds amazing. A bit far north for us, but I will certainly put the 'lobster 4-ways' on my bucket list.