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Jan 16, 2013 06:13 AM

Cafe Boulud or Splendido ?

Special birthday dinner

Which one? Whaddya think?

Or somewhere else......

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    1. Definitely Splendido. Victor (the chef) is at the top of his game, and that combined with the comfortable ambience and normally flawless service level makes it a great choice for a special dinner. I would let them know when making the reservation that it is for a birthday dinner, just for that extra little bit of attention. As for Cafe Boulud, reviews have been mixed as was my own experience there. It seems to suffer from the typical problems that expensive hotel restaurants often have - inconsistency in both service and food, and an intractable approach to special requests. My suggestion is to wait a few months or more to see if Boulud finds it's mojo - to me it has a lot of work to do to live up to the standards of its New York brethren.

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      1. re: soko

        Agreed ... then there's the Café Boulud decor to consider, which can charitably be called whimsical, uncharitably a bit of a joke ...

        1. re: caviartothegeneral

          what is wrong with the decor? it is a hotel all-day dining room-traditionally heavy with breakfast covers

            1. re: MissBingBing

              Poorly designed, bad tables and chairs and very ordinary food. Servers were very nice but not polished. The art is awful except for the wooden dandelion pieces in the minuscule lobby. Not what we expected from a Four Seasons at all.

      2. Splendido for sure. I wasn't impressed by Cafe Boulud. It was good but nothing I ate from the 3x I ate there has left a lasting impression on me. Splendido on the other hand, the dishes range from "good" to "plates of food I still think about months and months later."

        1. Went to both in the month before Xmas.
          Splendido by a city mile!

          Only other option might be Shoto to try something new.
          Splendido is more 'elegant'. Shoto has more 'energy'. Depends on the preferences of the Birthday Honoree.

          1. I am a pro-Splendido guy as well. However, just to be fair, I find Cafe Boulud's dessert a bit better.