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Jan 16, 2013 05:34 AM

Norwegian Chocolate Pudding - calling all norwegians/ expats and anyone else who may know what I'm talking about

So, I lived in Norway in 1985 with a Norwegian family. My house mother would make a chocolate pudding served with vanilla sauce (kind of like creme englaise). This pudding was slightly sweet and you could slice it. It did not resemble American pudding at all. She made it from a packet, not from scratch.

Anyone out there have the packet and could tell me the ingredients? At least that would be a starting place. I'd be willing to bet it has unflavored gelatin, cocoa powder, and...... ???

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  1. Didn't find a recipe yet, but did find this post about this product that you might find interesting.

    I do have a Norwegian cookbook floating around here, a gift from friends in Norway. I could try asking them for a brand name perhaps.

    1. Its been ages since I have eaten this. But we had it more in my childhood. I think you can still get that powder bag. But I´m unsure what it contains.

      One thing that is true here, is that the word "pudding" means something different here than it does in the US. And England.

      Pudding is something that wobbles. Like jelly. It is not a very moist cake. We call that "bread pudding".

      The sauce we called "Vanilla sauce" is a light custard. Much thinner than the english version.

      It should not be too hard to find a recipe. You could G-translate a few of these:

      Also read this:

      However, before you said it, I´ve never heard of this chocolate pudding being particulary norwegian. I´m unsure if that is correct. But this the cheapest of cheap desserts you can get. Its pudding, it tastes chocolate. Nothing else to it. And its a food product where you get alot of quantity for your cash.

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        Thanks Ramius,

        I'll check out those links. I know it's just a silly little dessert but I've missed it for a long time now. It would be perfect in the hot climate I live in now.


        The recipe in the first one sounds right. I've got it all translated now. Thank you for that link!

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          and if your search turns up empty consider making this recipe; a sliceable chocolate pudding and you can add a nice vanilla bean sauce.

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            I bet that would be great with a rasberry sauce, sans the optionals. Thanks!

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              oh yeah, raspberry sauce on anything makes me happy!

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                I asked friends in Norway, they suggested this site. Its all in Norwegian of course, but it shows the pudding and the brand. She's not sure if its sold outside Norway, although she's sending me a box (lol) since I asked her.


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                  Look at dr oteker dessert mixes. I have seen this pudding in germany when I was there as a teenager. I remember the chocolate pudding with the vanilla sauce.

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                    Yes, I am familiar with this box pudding but this pudding prepared will not slice as noted in the OP.

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                      Yes, the Piano brand was the only version I was familiar with. I have been unable to buy it in the US. I was hoping a recipe would be found as the next best thing.

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                        I thought I posted this last night. Perhaps I dreamt it!

                        from the link provided above, translated through google, and double checked, ......... the one paragraph did not translate well but you can get the idea.

                        NORWEGIAN CHOCOLATE PUDDING
                        1 sheet) cooking chocolate
                        2 tablespoons cocoa powder
                        2 deciliter water
                        1 liter milk
                        100 grams Maizena (corn starch)
                        1 deciliter sugar
                        2 teaspoons vanilla extract

                        Melt chocolate in hot water. Add the milk razed maisennamel and cocoa powder. Stir until the chocolate milk maker. Take it off the heat and season to taste with sugar and vanilla sugar. Whisk the pudding well so it is nice and even before it is poured into water flushed bowl or form. Let it harden in the fridge and vault pudding on a plate. Garnish with whipped cream. Custard or cream milk tastes good.

                        Homemade custard
                        5 deciliter milk
                        2 pcs egg
                        2 tablespoons sugar
                        3 teaspoons vanilla extract
                        1 teaspoon Maizena

                        Boil the milk, whisk the eggs with the remaining ingredients and pour in the boiling milk while stirring. Stir until sauce boils and thickens. Allow to cool.

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                          Ha- the vaulting must be the tricky part!

                          1. re: blue room

                            Yeah, I thought that was funny too. Must I build a small catapult in my kitchen?

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                            Replace the maizena in the custard with two or three tablespoons of flour.

                            The corn starch will turn your sauce into pudding, if you cool it. The flour will thicken it properly.

                            The boxed ready-made version is alot more thick than the one you make yourself.

                            1. re: Ramius

                              The custard looks like a quick creme anglaise, with just enough starch to stabilize it. Or you could describe it as a thin pastry cream.

                              The pudding itself is just a stiff chocolate pudding (in the US sense), and could probably be made with different starches. Cornstarch is the one we are most likely to have on hand. The Piano brand uses tapioca starch. The stabilizer probably gives it longer life in the box, and prevents things like weeping.

                          3. re: Ariadanz

                            Ariadanz, Thank you for asking your norwegian friends! I bet home made would be better since you can add more chocolate if you feel it needs it.

                            Note: meant for this to appear under your last post. Guess I clicked in the wrong place.

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                              Ok, so I just now tried to reply to ariadanz again and it popped up down here again.


                              I'll stop trying now.

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                                Whole milk. 9% sugar, 2% cocoa, tapioca starch, stabilizers (locust, guar, carrageenan), color (caramel), flavorings.


                      2. I have a book on my bottom shelf titled "Authentic Norwegian Cooking" that I have, quite literally, never opened. I'll have to dust it off tomorrow to see if there's something in there.

                        1. recipe above if anyone is interested