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Jan 16, 2013 04:50 AM

anyone else feel this way about pizza pizza from Rogers Centre and ACC V.S their stores?

Okay so me and a friend go to the Raptors game last week at ACC. We get into the building and we both start talking about how we're both dying for pizza slices. Then he says to me "I thought you hated pizza pizza?" My reply was "I do.... but love the slices at Rogers Centre and ACC for some reason. It's not even like it's the same pizza. I thought you hated Pizza Pizza??? He breaks out in laughter and says " I feel the exact same way" The two of us were talking about how much we hate pizza pizza and never eat it loooove the slices at rogers centre and acc. The thing is, Ive actually heard many people say this. I was curious to see if there's any chowhunder have notice this or feel the same way?

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  1. I HATE their slices at their stores. They are usually very dry and barely have any sauce. My husband and I usually order a pizza when we eat there. Their new 10 inch pizzas on thin wholegrain crust are pretty good.

    But I've never had the slices at Rogers Centre or ACC. How are they better there?

    1. It's because they are fresh at the Rogers Centre/ACC, and not fresh in the stores.

      I would never buy a slice from any pizza place. It's not even a Pizza Pizza thing, it's a freshness thing. Pizza simply does not rewarm well, wherever you purchase it.

      I think if you know how to order and you eat it relatively quickly, Pizza Pizza can really hit the spot sometimes.

      But a slice? I would never get one. Unless they were super fresh, as at the Rogers Centre/ACC. But then, I would never pay Rogers Centre/ACC prices for a slice so I guess I'm SOL for fresh slices..... :)

      1. I feel the same. The Pizza Pizza at Centre Island is the same aswell.

        At the event spaces they make the pizza on pre baked crust that is not as dry as the regular outlets. The pizza also seem to bake quicker.

        I will have pizza at those outlets (as long as the slices are not baked to far in advance) but I will never order or eat the pizza or slices from the regular outlets.

        It still not great pizza but better for sure.

        1. I thought I was the only one that thought this. Something about the pizza at those venues is much better then in stores. The Pepperoni is crisper, cheese gooier, etc. Glad to hear I am not the only one.

          1. Yes, absolutely agree.

            At ACC, pizzas are better, beers are worse.