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Steamed butternut squash, now what?

OK, so I sliced a butternut squash in quarters length-wise and steamed it in the crock pot. It's now super-tender, so I'm thinking it will have to be mashed.

So, now what I can do with it? I'm especially interested in savory dishes and side dishes, but I'm open to all ideas.

Thank you!


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  1. I think steamed butternut is pretty tasteless, so I'd mash it with lots of spices and butter.
    Next time, I'd roast it.

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      Any combo of spices you like and can recommended? And yes, roasting is my favorite way to go, too, but we never seem to have the time for that lately, alas, which is why I thought I'd give the crock pot a go and doctor it afterwards.


    2. Pudding...! Never made it but does sound intriguing. It's a Blackberry Farm recipe.


      1. I like to flavor it with garlic and sage. One can make a great filling for ravioli, or use it in a layer of lasagna. Or make gnocchi with it.

        1. I made a very tasty butternut and mascarpone gnocci

          1. Soup!

            Sauté some onions or leek and fresh ginger in olive oil/butter until tender, add some garlic and continue to sauté until fragrant. Place in a stock pot with the butternut squash, cover with chicken broth. Simmer until warm. Add some cumin, S/P, whatever you like. Puree and heat for another 15-20 minutes for the flavors to blend.

            1. Saute some onions in butter, add the squash and some sage (and garlic if you want) and mix with cooked pasta. Any short, shaped pasta would be good.

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                This is good, you can also add cooked sausage.

              2. I roasted one last night in three parts with three separate spices, chili powder, ground chipotle chile and garam masala. I liked the garam masala best, then the chipotle, then the chili powder. They all worked pretty well though. I didn't use any oil, just roasted the cubes dry. I think I'll add sauteed onion the the chili powder one and maybe garlic and ginger to the one with garam masala. Since I cook for one this is a good way for me to get some variety into a butternut squash.
                I think you could mash any of these into your steamed squash.

                1. Saute some ground pork with soy sauce, minced garlic and chopped onions and add in the squash that hss been diced up. Try with some fish sauce to give it some umami too.

                  1. Steamed butternut is bland and watery. I'd use it in one of the many curried squash soup recipes. I like the ones that use apple too. They call for cooking cubed squash along with the onion and apple, adding chicken stock, and pureeing - so it won't really matter that you're starting with already-cooked squash.

                    Next time, if you want a side dish, bake halves cut-side down, scoop from the shell, mash with brown sugar, butter, and optional spice/herb of your choice.

                    1. I have a Mac n cheese recipe that uses steamed squash. If you're interested I can find the recipe

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                        I am interested, if it's not too much trouble. We've got a lot of squash to use up!

                        Thanks to everyone for the great ideas!


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                          Use your steamed squash instead of frozen
                          Can use panko I stead of fresh crumbs
                          Milk works instead of pasta water

                      2. I did bread pudding for brunch with it that was quite well received. The recipe actually calls for roasted chunks, but I had to sub blobs of puree at the last minute because the one I roasted tasted like absolute nothing (yay for freezer stash). You could just break up or scoop what you've got into hunks.

                        very make-ahead and freezer friendly.

                        1. I'm making this next week, I think you could use the steamed squash for it: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2012/11/pa...

                          Also this won't work for steamed, but for future squash, it's a good simple roasted version: http://punchfork.com/recipe/Spicy-Roa...

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                            Julie - not sure if you made the skinnytaste one yet, but I can attest that it is VERY tasty. Hope you agree!

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                              I am tonight! Thank you!! Good to know because I plan on having the leftovers for lunches as well as for dinner tonight.

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                                  I did! And it could definitely be made w/ steamed squash since it all gets pureed up anyway.

                            2. Make congee and garnish with sesame seeds and plum salt.

                              1. You haven't mentioned soup, but it's may favorite thing to make with butternut squash. Scoop it off the skin (if you haven't already) and put it in the blender (or food processor) with some chicken broth/stock (how much depends on how big the squash was), salt, and a pat of butter. Blend to smooth, make sure it's hot-but-not-scalding, and enjoy! For true decadence, you can replace the chicken broth/stock with half and half and maybe a bit more butter. '-)

                                My local Sam's Club sells butternut squash that is peeled and diced and ready for the pot! You just have to get there early if you want some... <sigh>

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                                  Costco and Trader Joes also sell pre cubed butternut. One local supermarket has it too, but it always seems old

                                2. I agree with the other posters that roasted is much better than steamed, but I often find myself wanting butternut squash as a side to roast pork. Since they cook at different temperatures, I end up steaming the squash and mashing it with butter, ginger and cinnamon. It's pretty tasty.