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Jan 16, 2013 01:59 AM

Searching for some Hidden Gems in Santa Barbara


I'm heading up to Santa Barbara this weekend from LA for an overnight trip, and I'm looking for some great restaurants that are "off the beaten path." I'm a chef so I don't need to do anything fancy or ultra-refined, I'm mainly looking for any simple, relaxed, and delicious representation of the city.

I already have dinner planned, breakfast and lunch are the two places I'm looking for. Ambiance is no issue, the more casual, the better. I'm open to any types of cuisine as well.

I will be staying at the Canary hotel and ideally I would like to go somewhere within walking distance, but I'm willing to drive if it's worth it.

Also if anyone knows of any places to eat along the way, that would be incredibly helpful.

I'm trying to go through all of the message boards as well so if anyone knows of any threads, please send my way!

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  1. Julienne-138 E Canon Perdido St - small, local, seasonable sustainable, field to table kind of concept.

    1. Los Agaves, El Bajio and La Superica on Milpas.

      Brophy Brothers, Sushi a go-go at the harbor.

      there is a new juice place called JUICE RANCH- it is on lower State street by SB Roasting Company- Chocolate Maya is there as well.

      Cold Spring Tavern- up on the San Marcos Pass might be worth a drive- it would take 15 minutes from Santa Barbara....