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Jan 15, 2013 09:38 PM

Hotmixpro v. Thermomix?

Does anyone have experience with the Hotmixpro? Thoughts about how it compares to the Thermomix? It looks like the Hotmixpro is better for browning, but the Thermomix has a better setup for steaming.

(The closest alternative that's available stateside, the Kenwood Cooking Chef at W-S, isn't for me; too many moving parts. :-) I know the Hotmixpro isn't available for 110V/120V outlets yet, but I'm hoping that some home-compatible version will come out in the not-too-distant future...)

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  1. There is a detailed argument in favor of the HotmixPro on (of all places) the popular Thermomix forum. Before you jump on me, I am not affiliated with that forum. I'm an independent Thermomix fan, not selling either machine. As we all know the fabulous Thermomix is not available in USA, and I'm as curious as the next cook to know what is the best alternative.

    Also, I get emails every day from people in the US asking me about Thermomix and there is simply no good news for them, so I've been watching the course of HotmixPro with much interest. There are some Thermomix cooks in Australia who have tested the HotmixPro and some who have bought it. The reasons for that decision vary, and I think it's all covered in that thread which is here:

    Hope this helps answer your questions.

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      1. Just an update, I ended up deciding to buy a Thermomix because I didn't feel like waiting any longer for the Hotmixpro and because I thought the Thermomix was more reliable and might heat faster. I picked one up on a visit to Canada just over a month ago and have been using it even more than I thought I would (averaging at least once a day -- in a single-person household, no less). So far I've made lots of versions of bread doughs (I'm working my way through the pizza doughs from Serious Eats, among other things), but have also used it to make gazpacho, choux paste and pastry cream, genoise, ice cream custard, pizza sauce, chutneys, dim sum beef balls, and more. It's not for everyone, I realize, but for the kind of cook that I am, it's working out really well and has become the gadget I use most.

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