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Dinner Recommendations between Santa Monica-Beverly Hills

Hi-have dinner plans with a friend on Thursday and am trying to figure out a good restaurant between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Any fun, new restaurants to try? Any favorite standbys where you can catch up with a friend and have a great meal? Open to any type of food, price not an issue but not looking for anything too dressy. Have liked Tavern, Fig, Osteria Latini, Farmshop to give you an idea. Would really appreciate any feedback, thanks!

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  1. Tar & Roses
    Hostario del Piccolo
    Freddy Smalls
    Plan Check
    Westside Tavern

    1. in santa monica, rather than "between" sm and bh, Wilshire.

      1. There have been some good reports on the LA board for the new Doma. We haven't been. http://www.domabh.com/

        1. Sotto would be a good call.

          1. Fundmental LA

            Craft if you have an expense account (or only $45 for great 3 course dinner if you are here during DineLA Week January 21st-Feb 1st 2013).

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              Is Westwood considered in between SaMo & BH?

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                  Seems a little north to me, but I'm not staring at a map at the moment. For instance, my husband works in Century City, off of SaMo Blvd. Right next door is BH, but one has to go further north to hit Wilshire to go through Westwood.... Aahhh, it's all good, either way!

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                    Wilshire runs from Palisades Park in Santa Monica overlooking the Pacific Ocean right through the heart of Beverly Hills on into downtown LA.

            2. How about Crustacean in Beverly Hills? Its not new but you will have a nice meal and you can can talk -- unlike some restaurants which are too loud and/or the staff pushes you to surrender your table quickly.

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                Having recently hosted a group at Crustacean, I can tell you it has really declined over the years and is very expensive. Not nearly as good a Chinois.

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                  Crustacean has declined? I would have thought that impossible - there was no place lower to go.

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                    Sort of the Villa Blanca of Vitnamese fusion if ya know what I mean.

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                      How in the world did you take the words out of my mouth so quickly?

                2. Doma is a great new restaurant in BH.