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Jan 15, 2013 06:58 PM

Hakozushi / Oshizushi shop in Tokyo

Hello, Im heading back to Japan soon and since I wont be able to get out of Tokyo and also since I am pretty sure I can find it in the city but don't have time to look around for it myself, well I thought Id ask you ! Where can I find hakosushi/oshisushi also known as osaka-style pressed or boxed sushi in Tokyo ? Any specialty shop or some depachika stall (department store basement) ? Im thinking to bring back some home to Montreal. :) Thanks for your help !

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  1. Sushi 468 (sushi Yoropa), in Asakusa, have 2 sorts of 'bo sushi(pressed sushi)': one made from 'saba(mackerel)', another one made from 'anago(conger eel)', and I recommend you to ask if they hold 2-3 days, for Canada. It is a sushi-yasan, all handmade, unfortunately he does not speak English. So at first, call him to reserve lunch/diner (tsumami ankimo recommended), and then, ask to reserve/buy one of your preference...
    Also, there is Kanda Shinoda that have some. On the basement, you can sample some, these one are more compact(more rice!). But they have a speciality of 'chakinzushi' that is made of a thin omelet rolled filled with rice and goma... Again, ask for the travel days..

    1. thank you, ill check these places out. i took some back home when i was living in kyoto... not a problem ! :)

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        these sushiyasan do not use any conservative, except the classics sugar, salt, vinegar.. Saba especially degrades easily, so you'd better ask the chef, he knows what he is doing.