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Jan 15, 2013 06:34 PM

Celebrating Surviving Sandy and Bday


After being destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, my husband and I are getting our lives back to normal. My birthday is in 3 weeks and I want to celebrate. I am in the mood for something Mediterranean, fresh, clean and authentic. After all the stress I find myself thinking of past vacations in Italy eating simply grilled fish and fresh pasta. I love grilled calamari as well. My husband loves good food but hates paying a fortune, and money is an issue right now with all the repairs. I have taken him to Nomad, which I loved, and he left hungry, so I have given up on fancy restaurants with small tasting menus. I would prefer cozy, not too crowded seating, warm and friendly and more quiet atmosphere since he has some difficulty hearing in loud settings. I am open to Manhattan and outer boroughs as well. Don't want to go far uptown and would rather stay below 34th Street. I go back and forth between Italian and Greek. Some choices after doing alot of research are:
Elia in Bklyn for convenience
I tried Babbo but booked and would loved to try Marea but too pricey
Been to L Artusi so would prefer something else. Would appreciate your input.

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  1. I think you'll enjoy the food Crispo though it's quite loud. How about Manzo or Louro? Also, Babbo tweets same day cancellations at around 3 pm.

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      Thanks for letting me know about Babbo. Will check out Manzo and Louro.

    2. You've got some good places on that list.

      Bianca is a regular stop for us. On the positive side the food can be good and the room is cozy in a good way. Prices are gentle. On the negative side you've got to order carefully. Recommended - Radicchio Alla Griglia, chicken livers, Gramigna Con Salcicca, lasagna. I've deviatred from that list with mixed results. Bianca doesn't take reservations. Arrive before 7:00 or be prepared to wait. Cash only.

      Lavagna used to be in our regular rotation and for no good reason it dropped off. We went back there Christmas Eve and had a very good meal. We'll be back.

      I'll give you 2 other suggestions.

      Via Emilia on 21st St. Very good Italian in a relaxed atmosphere. Lively without being noisy. The menu is deep enough so you're guaranteed to find plenty of good choices. Highly recommended. At one point they didn't take credit cards but they do now. VE flies under the radar but it's better than a lot of places that get recommended regularly.

      In Brooklyn, Tacis Beyti. Yes, it's Turkish but you mentioned Mediterranean and Greek. This fits perfectly. I wrote it up in detail last June.

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        Thanks for your recommendations.
        We have been to Tacis Beyti many times and love it. I just want something a bit quieter and slower paced. For that matter Nargis Grill further down CIA is amazing. Some things better than Tacis Beyti (grilled fish and meats). Desserts better at Tacis Beyti.
        Looking at osteria Morini, Scarpetta. Any thoughts? Will check out Via Emilia. Sounds great.