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Jan 15, 2013 06:20 PM


Thinking about breaking away from chef geoff's for the family's Thursday night meal. The family includes a very well behaved 4 year old who will eat from most menus. I hear good things about Dino's and its in the neighborhood. Any issues with a young kid at an early reservation there?

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  1. I'd just ask Dean himself, he used to occasionally post here.

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    1. re: hill food

      I've been bringing my kids there since they were only a little older than that. Their kids menu is great - a little person's version of the adult menu - no chicken fingers and hot dogs to be found.

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        He posts at all the time.

      2. I'd definitely go for Dino over Chef Geoff's! They aren't really even in the same league, frankly.

        Just a heads up, Dino has a great happy hour (limited to the bar and outside patio tables in summer, I think), including discounts on small plates and very reasonably priced cocktails, beer, and wine. Go early :)

        1. Dino is over rated, but still very good. Definitely time for you to stop up from the likes of CG.

          See this CH link:

          1. I don't think there should be an issue at all. I always thought the Dino menu is super accessible to children...meatballs, polenta, lasagna etc.

            1. Lots of kids there early in the day. I think the food is excellent - for the price point and quality, it's hard to beat for Italian (the non-heavy red sauced kind).

              Dean usually doesn't post on threads about Dino.

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                that's true, he is very circumspect about that. I was more sort of encouraging the OP to e-mail or call him, since he seems very approachable.