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Jan 15, 2013 06:09 PM

Dinner place for steak lovers and a vegetarian

I'm looking for a place to go out to dinner this Saturday that has a few good steak and at least a 1-2 good vegetarian options. I would like to keep the price range around $20/main entree, although it's fine if some of the steaks are closer to $25-30. I'm looking for somewhere in Cambridge or Boston, not really picky. There are four of us going, but my boyfriend and I are on a low carb diet (hence the steak request) and my friend's wife is a vegetarian so we're hoping to avoid a straight up steak house unless folks know they also have good vegetarian options.

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  1. Prezza is open again, might work for you.

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    1. re: jajjguy

      Steak and veal are both over $40 at Prezza.

    2. I have had some great steak dishes at Oleana and I know they treat veggies well there too.

      1. Ten Tables in JP or Harvard Square might fit the bill. There's usually an under-$30 steak on their menu, and they treat vegetarians very well.

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          In addition to the recs for Oleana and TT, really any gastro-y place in Cambridge and Somerville is going to have a steak and veg entree. I think there might be a local ordinance requiring it...

          Garden at the Cellar
          T.W. Food
          Temple Bar
          West Side Lounge
          Chez Henri
          Central Kitchen

          just to name a few...

        2. The best steak I had recently was the tournedos of beef at Catalyst (It's $29, so a little above your mark). They do wonderful work with pastas there, so I'm sure your vegetarians could find something they like.