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Jan 15, 2013 06:06 PM

Solo in Paris -- need help!

I will be in Paris Feb 27-Mar 5. My friends are coming in on Mar 1 and thus I will have 2 days by myself to explore the city. I'm a single woman, 30s, and staying in an apartment near the Palais Royale. Looking for friendly places for 1 for both lunch and dinner. I don't speak French. Places I will be going when my friends arrive include Frenchie and le Comptoir du Relais.

For my solo dinners, I would prefer to spend around $100 total (including a couple glasses of wine) and in an area that is relatively safe and walkable from my apartment. I'm more flexible for lunches but also don't mind grabbing a great sandwich and eating in the park while people watching. I'm not into offal or a lot of pork/ham or stinky cheeses but am otherwise a foodie :) I live in Manhattan (used to live in Chicago) and have season tickets to Next. My favorite restaurants in NYC are Marc Forgione, Torrisi, ABC Kitchen, the Nomad among others. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!!

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  1. My set reply:
    Tell us what places in the recent threads interest you; what sort of places aside from the prices you want to eat at; type of food (region, spread, new/old/classic); etc.

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      I prefer a variety -- one classic French bistro. One modern, trendy. I'm not well-versed enough in French cuisine to know regions. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the choices but places I have come across include:

      Le Voltaire
      Agape Substance

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        Given your budget, all are good, except Agape Substance
        where a change of team has not been fully evaluated (see ither threads).

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          For classic: Pierre au Palais Royale and Chez Dumonet.
          For modern: Spring and Saturne.

      2. Willi's Wine Bar, close to the Palais Royale, good value, excellently priced for food and wine. Quite friendly. I love sitting and eating at the bar.

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          I wish Chowhound had a "Like" button...

        2. I believe that Kei will meet your requirements.It is quite close to you,has a comfortable,pretty dining room, great food and lovely service..very refined. Semilla,mentioned below,is another favorite of mine. it's in the 6 th,but easily accessed near the rue de Buci, lively,bustling with excellent food. a lot more casual that Kei but I think that as a single diner you will not be uncomfortable in either. I never have...

          1. (I'm not from Paris so there are many more locals on here)

            Last time I was in Paris I really enjoyed having a glass of wine and a light meal at Le Garde Robe. It is not far from Spring, tucked about a block behind the Louvre - which I don't think is very far from where you are staying.

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            1. re: thimes

              Thanks everyone! After some research, I'm leaning toward one day having a late lunch at Restaurant L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon -- after which I'm not sure I will want much of a dinner. Any places suggested for something light? I read about Fish La Boissonnerie as a possible option -- same owners as Semilla.

              After a blow-out like Robuchon, I'm thinking L'Office or Candeleria for my other meals (lunch/dinner). Thoughts?

              Also Willi's Wine Bar has come recommended by Chowhounders as well as friends... but how does it compare to Verjus or Juveniles?

              Thanks again!

              1. re: drfoodie

                Willi's has good wine and a sit down restaurant - it was a good stand-by but I understand they have revamped to kitchen and upped their aspirations. Any recent reports? I

                did't like Verjus Wine Bar, limited hipster bar menu (i.e. same as London, NYC and Sydney), neither do I care for Juvenilles - always seemed to lack something. Frenchies wine bar is a good option as is Fish for wine/bar counter seating.

            2. UPDATE: I decided on dinners at Le Timbre and then L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Saint Germain). I will probably eat light during the day at cafes or the like, taking suggestions already made on this thread (Willi's, Le Garde Robe, Fish or subsist on cafe et croissant).

              QUESTION: what to order at Joel Robuchon??? I understand there are a couple tasking menus as well as a la carte. Is anyone aware of dinner pricing?

              PS: decided to stay in hotel near the Crillon

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              1. re: drfoodie

                My meal at Atelier has always been the same, both to reduce amount of food and the cost. He still serves either pigeon or squab stuffed with foie gras and rolled in cabbage, served with the justly famous pommes puree. l order it twice with a few glasses of wine, and perfect.
                For a single diner a seat at the bar works well, try Saturne or Pierre Sang Boyer.