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Jan 15, 2013 06:04 PM

Weekend trip - first time with my 3 year old

Wife and I are coming down for the long MLK weekend. While we've been to NOLA a number of times and have our favorites, this will be our first trip with our son so I'm looking for some new (to me) family-friendly ideas. We love Casamentos, so I'm sure we'll hit that. I've wanted to try Cochon but haven't made it - thinking Butcher should probably be casual enough for the little guy. Smaller, neighborhood places would probably be great. He's reasonably well-behaved and used to going out, but he's 3, so fine dining's obviously out. Any thoughts ? We're staying in the CBD, but I'm comfortable driving most anywhere in town for a good meal.

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  1. Dining in at Cochon Butcher is not really conducive to young children. Mostly hi-top tables and usually very busy. Also, it will be a very busy weekend so you probably should probably try to secure reservations. Most of the places on Magazine Street are family friendly. You might want to try Joey K’s or Ignatius.

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    1. I highly recommend John Besh's American Sector at the National WWII Museum. It is very family friendly and has menu items that work for kids, but also features dishes with some real complexity and flair, as well as adult beverages. It is a win-win when you have a child.

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        Thanks for the tip on American Sector. We heard the same from several other people. Cool-looking place with great drinks and better-than-expected-for-a-museum-restaurant food. Did a great job of catering to the kid - meal comes in a lunchbox and includes a plastic toy soldier, crayons, coloring items, etc. With that said, the place wasn't overrun by kids or anything - just nice to have a chance to eat at a real restaurant without feeling like you are bothering the staff or other patrons.

        For anyone else interested in this question, we did end up hitting Cochon Butcher and it worked out great for us, but I can see how that might not always be the case. Our guy was in a good, laid-back mood at the time so the wait didn't bother him - and he loved the hot dog.

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          I am glad American Sector worked out for you.

          I am also happy to hear that your visit to C. Butcher was a success...I love that place.