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Jan 15, 2013 05:38 PM

Aravind closed

There had been a sign up since sometime in December saying "Closed for the Holidays", with no opening date indicated. Ran by tonight and there is now a sign in the Aravind location for a forthcoming Nepali restaurant. I had some really great meals there, very sad to see it go.

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    1. Aravind was a welcome addition to the Danforth, we live nearby and ate their twice. Food was in the top 5 restaurants on danforth. Too bad it closed, atmosphere did suffer a little.

      1. I am so sorry to hear this! The food was excellent there (though the service was horrendous)

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          I always found the service to be pretty decent, a little nervous maybe but certainly never experienced any of the big service issues (abandonment, rudeness, ordering errors)

        2. Link to some additional info:


          Includes comment from Aravind's father (who was the chef) about looking to re-open in another location, possibly on the west side. Too bad for those in the Danforth neighborhood, but hopefully they can find another location where they can thrive.