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Jan 15, 2013 05:38 PM

Caterer for small bridal shower in Central MA

Thought I was going to do all the cooking for a luncheon for my daughter's bridal shower at our home in Central MA. at the end of March, but am starting to stress out (esp. because kitchen and rooms are small for 20 people and I want to focus on the guests) and hoping there might be a caterer someone could recommend who has experience with small parties and willing to come to the house to check out the situation.

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  1. Central MA is a big place. If the worcester art museum still has functions there , you might want to check what caterers are on their list. Ask to speak to the function mngr and ask their advice. Same with Tower Hill.

    1. Whenever we do offsite catering for our work functions in the Worcester area, we use Peppercorns. Very good and consistent.

      1. I've used Pepper's a couple of times for small events. We have had them deliver the food, we've never had them actually at the house for the party. But I think they offer a pretty wide range of services from small parties to larger ones.

        I've really liked their food.

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          Yes, it is Pepper's, not Peppercorn's. Are they the same folks? I didn't see cross-references in their different websites....

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            Both Peppers and Struck were the two that had the most buzz on an internet search of caterers, so glad that others are recommending them and will certainly contact them. Have NO experience with this kind of thing and not looking for fancy--just finger sandwiches, a few quiches, salads--all things I could do myself and much more inexpensively (trying to save to pay for the wedding!!), but it still takes time and that might be in short supply with out-of-town guests to entertain. Hope others will continue to respond (any personal chefs that might work?) and I'll let everyone know what we decided. Many thanks!

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              Struck may accommodate your menu request but is more creative and outside the box. I am sure Barbara can assist you well. She catered a function for me and made some lovely recommendations.

              1. re: phelana

                Bride's name is Barbara. Karma? I hope so! And the guests would probably be more excited with something besides finger sandwiches, quiche and salad! Thanks, again, for your follow-up reply!

          2. Peppers and struck are both delicious, have been to many events with their food. (peppers and peppercorns are entirely different.). If you really want to stay with just quiches and small sandwiches you may want to try on the rise bake shop. I've had their quiche in the store and it was great.