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Jan 15, 2013 04:28 PM

3eme and around: late afternoon and late evening

My husband and I are arriving from London (Gare du Nord) mid-afternoon on a Saturday, so too late for a proper lunch. We are staying at Hotel du Petit Moulin in the 3eme.

1) Any suggestions for decent place to get a few glasses of wine and a bite to eat during late afternoon (really, anywhere between station and hotel).

2) We're going to a show at Le Bataclan that evening and want to book a late dinner (10:00) somewhere nearish to hotel. Cafe des Musees possibly? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. The very clued-in concierge guy at the Hotel du Petit Moulin is fab. Rely on him. At least for the 3rd and 11th arrondissements. He really impressed me (a local) with the help and guidance he gave to some friends staying there. Send him an email with your requests ASAP.

    1. Love the hotel! We had a great stay there last year. The epicerie of Briezh Is near and great for a snack. There's a small communal table -- great galettes and crepes. Also, a great source for the fabulous Bordier yogurt and his salted caramel sauce.

      1. Thanks, Parnassien. I usually steer clear of concierges, but that was a hearty endorsement so I dashed off an email. Not sure if the same guy responded but here's what they suggested:
        Robert et Louise
        Chez Janou
        Gaspard de la nuit

        I've known of Glou but it never made the list due to some lackluster reviews. Robert et Louise has been on the radar (BIL loves it) but not sure that's what I'm looking for for a late night.


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          Hmmmm, a somewhat disappointing list. So maybe the guy I was thinking of wasn't there or has moved on. Anyway, for late night, maybe try le Villaret on the rue Ternaux just off the rue Oberkampf and very near Bataclan. BTW, there's also a café attached to Bataclan... decent food and very fun.

          The concerts at Bataclan usually last longer than scheduled unless there is a club event later that night.

          So, a few more suggestions for post-concert nosh: the very trendy and new-ish l'Entrée des Artistes on the rue Crussol just off the boulevard du Temple in the 11th... a sort of bar à vins with great food but, in this case, cocktails rather than wine are the focus; Ober-Salé on the rue Oberkampf... until 10:30; the no-rezzie Pierre Sang Boyer on the rue Oberkampf ... until 10:30.

          For pre-concert, the trendy Café le Progrès on the rue Bretagne @ rue Vieille du Temple is perfectly fine for a sip and a snack as are the various food stalls/ mini-restos inside the Marché des Enfants Rouges.

            1. re: John Talbott

              btw, thank you again for all your help as my wife and i plan our trip. We found a great apartment on the border of the 4th? and 11th (on Rue du Temple) and we're thinking for our first night of walking over to Pierre Sang Boyer . . . . because of the time zone change, we'll be ready for dinner easily by 6:00 pm, and I'm guessing even with the no res policy we wouldn't have too long a wait. (Tuesday night)

              1. re: bauskern

                You're welcome.
                Le Fooding says he opens at 7 so you might have a long wait and right now it's bloody cold.
                I've only gone at lunch but I've always arrived a bit before the opening time (12 noon).

          1. re: FancyDay

            So Glou is not loved? I saw something on the web that gave it a great review and got excited, but trust this board more.

            1. re: LulusMom

              I personally like Glou a lot for the style and clientele... but there is a certain inconsistency that makes it a hit-and-miss place. When the cooking and service are on point, it's brilliant. But you can never count on it.

              1. re: Parnassien

                Yup and just my luck to hit it on an off-day.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  Note to gentlemen who lunch: it does seem better at dinner when the child-less chattering classes gather. (My only dire experience there was at lunch).

                    1. re: John Talbott

                      Thank you both so much. Sounds like if I decided to try it, dinner would be the time. Still lots of research to do, and very much appreciate your help.

          2. Thanks to all. I've just booked Le Villaret since it's so close and is recommended by several (trusted) friends. Hoping to try Pierre Sang Boyer in the future when no-res isn't an issue.

            We're also booked at Frenchie and chez l'ami Jean and thinking about Semilla for Sunday night. Can't wait. Again, mercy.

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              At Le Villaret enjoy one of best priced excellent wine lists in Paris.
              Ravenau Butteaux Chablis in three vintages for @ 50 euros per.