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Jan 15, 2013 04:27 PM

Abby Lane Visit

We were finally able to mosey over to Abby Lane last weekend so I thought I'd leave my comments. Our goal for the night was to have some snacks and drinks on the later side of dinner service (9/9:30ish) and we have been wanting to try Abby Lane since it opened. The musical parody of 50 Shades of Grey was playing at the Wang across the street, so the place was packed with groups of women getting pre- or post-show food and drinks. For our order, we each got a glass of malbec, plus the buffalo wings and a margherita pizza. I know that they were pretty busy with the theatre crowds, but both the glasses of wine and the food took longer to come out than expected (10 minutes for wine, ~35 for the food).

The wings were mostly sweet without too much kick to them, served with a shaved celery salad and bleu cheese crumbles on top, plus a dill bleu cheese dipping sauce on the side. While pretty tasty and very moist, it was almost disconcerting how easily the wings broke apart, like the joints had been pre-cracked like a lobster or something. That being said, I'd order them as a snack again. The pizza was very meh, a typical flatbread crust with a sweet tomato sauce, too much (unbrowned) cheese and basil strands across the top. Service was pleasant if a bit slow, and the room was lively without being too noisy. I need to go back and try the entrees before making a final decision, but so far it seems like Abby Lane is a well-located spot to drink or dine around a theatre show. Would I make a special trip to it for dinner if I didn't live in the south end? Probably not, but I'll add it into my theatre food rotation.

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  1. i tried it in december before a show and was dismayed at the mediocrity of everything -- the food options, the execution of the food, the wines by the glass. all meh.

    i will not waste my time going back.

    1. I am so sorry to read this! I was at Tufts Biewend Building last week and saw Abbey Lane. What a great locatiion! By the time I left the garage, their lights were on and it looked so pretty I will try it at some point for apps and a drink