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Jan 15, 2013 03:03 PM

Fresh St. Market, West Vancouver

Was in West Vancouver this last weekend and heard a buzz in the streets about a new supermarket.

Turns out it's this one that has been written about in the Straight and the Sun.

The chile selection alone is worth going for. There must have been over 20 varieties. Some of the rarer ones were shishito, cascabels and chile d'arbol,

The tropical fruit section had some of the more unusual stuff, i.e. mangosteens and ugli fruit.

Frozen food section has entrees I've never seen anywhere else. Stuffed clams come to mind.

Every department seems well represented and I was very impressed.

You've got the British Butcher Shop and the Savary Island Pie Company across the street and down a block.

It's on 17th and Marine and worth the trip out.

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  1. Also nearby is CC Violin patisserie which has the most exquisite artisan pastries. Ambleside is really up and coming!

    I did notice this supermarket was open last time I was in the neighbourhood but didn't have time to stop in. You've definitely convinced me. Thanks for the report!