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Jan 15, 2013 02:28 PM

Angers, Loire Valley, France in August?

We are thinking of visiting the Loire Valley this summer, with Angers as home base. Will restaurants and markets in Angers be open in August, or does everything close down? And if things are open, any updated recommendations on food in this area? Many thanks!

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  1. Colette and I did it last June but it's posted elsewhere and it's gauche to refer you there.

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      8.0 La Gambetta in Saumur
      7.5 La Chanceliere in Montbazon
      6.5 Charles Barrier in Tours

    2. One worthwhile restaurant near the gare is Une Ile.

      For a big, classic country lunch. you might drive toward Nantes to Villa Mon Reve. Not nouveau or light but hearty and correct.

      1. This is more of a tourist recommendation, but I went to Angers just to see the Chateau d'Angers and the Apocalypse Tapestries there from the 14th century. I am a huge fan of French medieval tapestries though, so I do not know if that is an interest of yours or not. A lot is closed in August, but there are always basic businesses open. There will always be at least one baker, grocer, etc. that remains open. Same goes for some restaurants. If you love Cointreau like I do, the distiller is nearby too and has tours and tastings. It is a very lovely area.

        1. all markets will be open (it's still peak tourism season) -- and while some restaurants will be closed they will be staggered, and they won't ALL close -- the tourists and the locals who aren't on vacation still need to eat, too.

          1. Hi there
            I live close to Angers. Yes, some of the small restaurants will be closed in August and the smaller boutiques but the bigger ones remain open. Angers is a lovely small city and you are close to other places of interest too here. Markets are open although some suppliers go on holiday. Are you interested in wine? There is plenty to see in the vineyards in and around Angers. I'm a wine professional over here. Do ask for any further info or contact me directly. Une Ile is a good restaurant (1 michelin star) but may well be closed in August.