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Jan 15, 2013 01:25 PM

Dinner in Boca???

Looking for your "go-to" dinner options in (or around) Boca. I am going to be spending a long weekend at the Boca Beach Club - Waldorf Astoria and wanted to get your recommendations on any restaurants near the hotel. We are not picky at all about the type of food or price...just want good quality food & atmosphere.

Ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Cucina d'Angelo is good for Italian. 32 East in Delray has good food and a great wine list. NY Prime or Chops are both very good for steaks and chops.

    1. There are a few "ok" restaurants in the area but don't overlook the options in your own back yard. Morimoto sushi bar is excellent and Lucca will provide a lovely, fairly authentic Italian dinner. The Sea Grille, while not overly innovative, is a lovely space with great views and execution is always spot on. Enjoy!

      1. I see that NY Prime was recommended....While the food is very good, the noise is, IMHO, excruciating
        ! A better choice would be Abe & Louie's for steaks.