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Jan 15, 2013 12:59 PM

Good mole in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn has some great Mexican places, (Tacos Matamoros etc) but none seem to have particularly good mole. Help me out, anyone found the mole holy grail in Brooklyn?

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  1. I kind of hate to say it because it's 1) expensive and 2) in one of those rotten condo towers, but Mole in Williamsburg (a branch of Mole in Manhattan) really does have excellent mole poblano.

    This is just our local place we go to when we want simple food, but Acapulco in Greenpoint has surprisingly good and inexpensive mole poblano. I would not call it a holy grail, but it's good.

    The best mole of all time, I am told, was at Bean in Williamsburg, now defunct.