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Jan 15, 2013 12:53 PM

Po boy bread

Anyone know where I can buy po' boy bread in Seattle?

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  1. pike place bakery (behind the bronze pig) makes a BIG BOY roll that works well for po'boys/hoagies/cheesesteaks. i have had some luck with the bolo roll from grand central bakery which is widely available.

    1. Try the Greater Seattle board.

      1. I think I caught a glimpse of Jemil's Big Easy bread stash one day and it appeared he was using rolls from one of the Vietnamese bakeries in South Seattle (can't recall which one specifically). It has been said that these bakeries are willing to custom-bake for customers according to their specifications.

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          Having eaten Jemil's, that doesn't surprise me. While I love the sandwich, I do think their bread is not quite right. I think Where ya at Matt has the best bread, and I know it's custom made for them, but I don't know where.