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Jan 15, 2013 11:59 AM

East Brunswick Baja Fresh: closed

Apparently Chipotle put a dent in their sales. Sorry to see it go.

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  1. I was there with in the last 3 months to pick up a to go order for lunch and I can tell you the place was showing signs of neglect in my opinion. Generally stores like this are diligent in their up keep and it was starting to look a little dingy in my opinion. Not surprised.

    1. I beleive the one in piscataway is also closed since the chipotle opened up right next door

      1. Guess this means I can take their "permanent soda cup" out of my trunk...

        1. There was one in Cherry Hill that closed about a year ago, I wonder if they are scaling back in NJ?

          1. There was one near my office in NYC, nowhere near a Chipotle & it closed too. The one on 35 in Middletown closed a while ago also, no Chipotle near there either. Maybe the entire chain is going out of business?