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Jan 15, 2013 11:52 AM

Tartine "taste alike" in Oakland or Berkeley?

Planning a weekend away and looking for a "Tartine" in Oakland, Berkeley or close (ish). Thanks!

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  1. I think Tartine is one of a kind. That said there are fabulous bakeries in Oakland and Berkeley, depending on what you are seeking. Try Masse's Pastries, Crixa Cakes, the Cheeseboard,

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    1. re: milklady

      :( I know, just hoping I am out of the loop "somehow" ! Not looking for sweets so much, croque monsieur .... but a fabulous bakery may have to do! Thx!

    2. The only place I've had similar bread was at Manresa. Acme direct from San Pablo is the best in the Berkeley-Oakland area.

      The best French-style pastries are at Crixa, La Bedaine, and La Farine. Some people like Masse's.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Feel Good Bakery's pastries are better than both La Bedaine and La Farine.

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          Pastrywise I think La Farine is most similar. They have some savory offerings and a great baguette to boot.

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            La Bedaine is having a pastry making class. I wasn't interested so didn't get the details, but worth investigating for the aspiring baker.

            I am not a fan of their pastry crust, but I had their "brownie" for dessert this afternoon and it was great. Chewy and intensely chocolatey: 2 "cookies" sandwiched around chocolate hazlenut cream. Probably the best I have had since the Marin bakery that used to sell at the Tuesday Berkeley Market (I think the Tartine folk) made a batch of brownies with double the chocolate/cocoa. Chocolate heaven!

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              Bay Village sold at the Berkeley Tuesday farmers market in the mid- to late 90s, when they were in Point Reyes Station. They moved to Mill Valley and then opened Tartine in 2002.

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                  The double chocolate brownie was an experiment that failed as impractical. It was half brownie and half pudding. It was great, but not easy to eat.

            2. The housemade loaf at Pizzaiolo in Oakland is very similar to the wonderful Tartine loaf and a generous portion is available during P's morning service, toasted, with butter and excellent preserves on the side. Other breakfast pastries also excellent and include savory options. Cafe Oliveto also has a fine pastry chef; the puff pastry they use for their sweet and savory items is among the best I've had (delicately flaky--neither crunchy like Tartine nor wimpy like La Farine has become of late).

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                I haven't been to Cafe Oliveto in a while, but at least as of 6 months ago, they had a fab croissant and other savory kind of things.

              2. Maybe the new Sweet Bar in uptown Oakland.

                1. Best croque I've had since Eccolo closed is at A Cote.