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Jan 15, 2013 11:00 AM

Fine Dining near Anaheim?

I am going to visit my daughter (24) who lives next door to Anaheim Stadium Jan. 25-28. She's lived all over OC and we've vacationed/owned property all long beaches from Santa Monica to Laguna Beach. We're looking for dining like Hal's in Venice or Roman Cucina chain in OC, if not a step up. LA is possible but it's a long way to go and would rather stick to OC. Thanks!!

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      1. re: OCSteve

        3rd The Ranch. Also nearby is Mr. Stox, a very traditional white table cloth restaurant with good food and service.

        One of the best " fine dining" restaurants in OC is about 20 minutes away in Costa Mesa. Marché Moderne in South Coast Plaza is an upscale French bistro which must be considered one of the very top OC restaurants.

    1. For excellent 'gourmet' mexican, Gabbi's in Orange just south of the plaza.

      1. I do like Napa Rose. Their chef's 4-course prix-fixe tasting menu changes weekly.

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          Napa Rose is very good but because of it's location in Disneyland, there are sometimes many kids there. This has only on one occasion been bothersome to us, but you should be aware of it.

        2. The Ranch is okay, Mr Stox is set to close soon.

          Other spots to look at, not quite as formal, but good food are The Playground, Chapter One: the Modern Local, Haven Gastropub, Manhattan Steak & Seafood and Lola Gaspar.

          Napa Rose is very good as well.

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            Yes, Mr. Stox is set to close in April, but from what I've heard, it's still quite good.

            I guess I'm a bit confused by what the op means by "fine dining". Yes, I'm probably dating myself, but to my way of thinking, I guess I'd not consider a gastropub fine dining, but I'd certainly put Stox, Napa Rose and Marché Moderne in that category.

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              Good question, to me "fine dining" hardly means anything any more, especially thanks to CA casual that made dressing up for dinner a thing of the past.

              To me now fine dining is the quality of the food. I sure wouldn't place The Ranch in "fine dining" if that mean linen table cloths and tuxedo clad waiters.