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Gravity Bar clones?

Does anyone remember the fabulous Gravity Bar? I realize I'm dating myself here.

I am looking for suggestions for similar eateries. Healthy, natural, not necessarily vegetarian. In the greater Seattle area or slightly south.


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  1. Remember it, was a fan, not sure what would a substitute would be. I think Chaco Canyon tries to fill that niche, though the one time I went was disappointing. Got something like brown rice with mixed veggies and peanut sauce. The peanut sauce was decent, but the veggies were a mix of green cabbage and more green cabbage. I felt ripped off. Haven't been to either Plum Bistro (vegan) or Healeo (juice & raw maybe?), but they could be worth a try.

    On the other hand, what are your standards for healthy and natural? You can get a nice salad and non-feedlot meat a whole lot of places.

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      I'm looking for interesting food, mostly cooked, that is pretty low in fat, sugar, and salt. Meat is fine (I love meat) but best in small amounts.

      I'm looking for options for someone who needs to "rest their pancreas", so low sugar, caffine, fat, alcohol, etc.

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        Oh, then most "regular" restaurants probably have too much fat and salt, even on the organic local beet and arugula salads.

        When I want something fairly light, I like bun cha and other Vietnamese salad-y dishes, meats are in smaller proportion too. I'll often pick up a pair of salad rolls or bun cha to go from one of the delis at 12th & Jackson.

        Good luck, and let us know what you find that is delicious.

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        If you're talking about the thai peanut bowl @ Chaco, it comes with cabbage by default but they will substitute veggies on request...maybe they forgot to make the substitution? I do find Chaco pretty expensive, with varying degrees of value for your $, but they are 100% organic and vegan and yummy. I had a chanterelle and leek burrito there last night that was fantastic. I loooove their Egyptian Red Lentil soup.

        At any rate, Gravity Bar was sadly before my time in Seattle, but I can totally wholeheartedly recommend Healeo and Plum on their own merits if you're looking for tasty healthy food. Plum can be pretty decadent, but there are always some healthy options on the menu. I know the OP didn't necessary need veg options, but that's the universe on which i can comment :)

      3. haven't been to thrive but it looks great. healeo is tasty but expensive.

        1. Fondly remember the Gravity Bar - both the location at First and Virginia - in the old Raison d'etre space that has been through many changes, most recently a "pop up" Baby & Co temporary shop - and their last location on Capitol Hill. Have never found a place remotely like it anywhere. Still miss the attitude and the food - especially the wild combos of fresh fruit and veggie juices, and the avocado, shredded beets & carrots, sliced tomatoes, brown rice and greens salad with lemon tahini sauce. Oddly enough, in a very strange sort of way I think the Paseo salads come closest to the Gravity Bar salads. Must be the shredded beets and chopped red cabbage thing they do. Speaking of Paseo, IIRC, they come off of winter break on January 21. I might make it 6 more days of waiting before lining up for their fall off the bone roasted chicken thighs and Paseo's wildly good red sauce tofu entree, but possibly not.

          1. And I so wish I had gotten the recipe for sopa azteca (I think that's what it was called). I still get cravings for it and have not found anything remotely similar.

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              sopa azteca is a blend of tahini, white (shire) miso, spirulina, and maybe garlic. I recreated once. I don't remember the proportions, or for sure whether it had garlic.

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                DEFINITELY CHOPPED GARLIC! We would heat that sucker up in dedicated espresso steamer. Don't forget the brown rice. But tahini....mmmhh... Ah it's been so long.

            2. Loved the gravity bar! Thanks for asking this question!

              1. My hubby, Leon, used to work there and there was a party where the owner invited past workers and they made food from the bar and passed out recipes; including the sopa azteca<3
                I'll upload it on here for you =0)
                Hope you enjoy!



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                  Wow, thank you so much! I can't wait to try making it!

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                    Thanks so much for posting.... am I blind or is the quality of the pics not so great?? I zoomed in and could barely make out the numbers... mainly the fractions...

                    I'm trying to decipher the ingredient amounts for the Lemon Tahini Dressing.

                    1 c olive oil
                    1/4 c sunflower oil
                    1/4 c shoyu
                    1/4 c lemon juice
                    ? ? ???? something..?? tahini
                    1/4 c water
                    3 cloves garlic
                    1 stalk celery
                    1/4 green pepper
                    1/4 onion
                    blk pepper to taste

                    do the amounts look correct? just about everything is 1/4..

                    Thanks in advance :-)

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                      3/4 cup raw sesame tahini. Using zoom helps!

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                        Thanks for the info...I thought it said 1/4 c... and I did use zoom but it was soooo blurry. Maybe it's time for me to get reading glasses ;-)

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                      I am soooo happy to have found this but it is hard for me to see and I would love the Sopa Azteca recipe, could you write it down here, I'd super appreciate it.

                    3. Yes--there's a place in the Washington State Convention Center (used to be called Juicy Cafe but I think they changed their name) that is very much in hte G-Bar vein. Yum.

                      1. A few oddballs come to mind. PCC deli and catering does a good job with good ingredients and REI has a cafe. I don't even know what version it's in these days, as there have been many, but being in REI and all, it has to be tolerable to health-nuts of various stripes. Sutra, on 45th is even groovier than Gravity bar, if you can believe that. Cyber Dogs, on the street down next to the Convention Center features the nonsensical soy hotdog (or was it seitan?). One icy winter day I had a spicy, beany dog that was warming, tasty, and satisfying. It had lost something by the next time I had it (or maybe it was me that lost something), but worth a look.

                        1. The Gravity Bar was underrated as an institution of continuing education. For example: It taught me why a cow has 4 stomachs and we humans don't....

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                            It taught me that honeydew makes my throat scratchy. I never did learn how to jump graciously from those darned high stools.