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Jan 15, 2013 10:51 AM

Practical ideas around Newport Beach?

My family and I will be living/working in Newport Beach for three weeks in March. Although I'll be cooking at home mostly, we'll be eating out now and then too.
I know it can be an expensive area, but we don't have that kind of budget!
We do, however, appreciate good atmosphere, and we're foodies...I'm not looking for the nearest Denny's!! : ) Nice meals, nice prices, little-known places maybe, good vibe?
So...any ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, etc?

Thanks (in advance...I'm NEVER disappointed when I "chowhound" : )

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    1. A longtime NB breakfast spot, The Galley Cafe.

      If you are up to a bit of a drive, El Campeon in San Juan Capistrano.

      1. Sabatino's
        Did I say Sabatino's?
        On Lido Wharf.

        1. Here's a few of my favorite restaurants:

          Good Italian and great service - Mama D's

          Great Fish Place - Bear Flag Fish Co.

          Good Sandwich Shop - Big Belly Deli

          Awesome "Dive" Bar w/ Great food - Mutt Lynch's

          Seeing that you enjoy cooking most of your meals at home:

          Great Produce/Cheap Prices - Grower's Direct

          Best Meat/Butcher (Though the prices aren't cheap, they have great quality meat) - The Meat House

          I've lived on the Newport peninsula for the past 4 years and have lived around Newport my whole life. Enjoy!