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Practical ideas around Newport Beach?

My family and I will be living/working in Newport Beach for three weeks in March. Although I'll be cooking at home mostly, we'll be eating out now and then too.
I know it can be an expensive area, but we don't have that kind of budget!
We do, however, appreciate good atmosphere, and we're foodies...I'm not looking for the nearest Denny's!! : ) Nice meals, nice prices, little-known places maybe, good vibe?
So...any ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, etc?

Thanks (in advance...I'm NEVER disappointed when I "chowhound" : )

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    1. A longtime NB breakfast spot, The Galley Cafe.

      If you are up to a bit of a drive, El Campeon in San Juan Capistrano.


      1. Sabatino's
        Did I say Sabatino's?
        On Lido Wharf.

        1. Here's a few of my favorite restaurants:

          Good Italian and great service - Mama D's

          Great Fish Place - Bear Flag Fish Co.

          Good Sandwich Shop - Big Belly Deli

          Awesome "Dive" Bar w/ Great food - Mutt Lynch's

          Seeing that you enjoy cooking most of your meals at home:

          Great Produce/Cheap Prices - Grower's Direct

          Best Meat/Butcher (Though the prices aren't cheap, they have great quality meat) - The Meat House

          I've lived on the Newport peninsula for the past 4 years and have lived around Newport my whole life. Enjoy!

            1. Breakfast - Haute Cakes for great family breakfast. Highlights - chocolate croissants (kids think best in city); mexican scramble (tip on scrambles - order as a side dish and they are only about $8). small indoor eating area, though, so not ideal on cold mornings. http://hautecakescaffe.co

              Cocktails and appetizer with wife - Wild Fish. https://www.wildfishseafoodgrille.com/ A lot of my friends like it for seafood dinner, but I find my wife and I like to hang out at the bar (fewer celeb spotting but more space at the bar in the back patio) and have appetizers.

              Lunch with water views (adult orientation but kids can come along) -- The Cannery https://www.wildfishseafoodgrille.com Extra credit - borrow a Duffy (electric boat) from a friend and tie up at their dock for free while you have lunch. Very Newport.

              Newport lunch that the kids will like (or at least mine did) -- Joe's Crab Shack. OK. Not very chowhound, and I will admit to not really liking this place. But for some reason my kids really loved it and grew up thinking it was a classic Newport tradition (rather than the chain that it really is). http://www.joescrabshack.com/

              Dinner -- Juliette - http://www.juliettenb.com/

              1. I like Bamboo Bistro, Vietnamese food. Sounds like it'd fit your criteria. Great spring rolls (made by the place in little saigon most rate as the best for spring rolls, or at least a close 2nd place)

                1. Cappy's is great and was mentioned above. I grew up going here with my grandparent's who lived in Newport.

                  I love the combo chinese chicken salad at Ho Sum Bistro http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/ho-sum...

                  A Market has really good sandwiches http://www.yelp.com/biz/a-market-newp...

                  Santouka is my favorite place for ramen http://www.yelp.com/biz/santouka-rame...

                  1. Definitely check out the farmers market on Via Lido Sundays. I think it's 9-1 or 9-12pm. It's a well-curated selection of vendors. For a bigger farmers market, check out SoCo Collection Saturdays. It's more of an experience with shopping available at Surfas (omg, so going to bankrupt myself there...) and food trucks and lots of tasty stuff available.

                    1. I wasn't too impressed with the sandwiches at A Market. Over-priced for the offering and the tomatoes in my last sandwich there was powdery and not fresh. I prefer Ce Ci Bon down the street off PCH and Riverside.