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Jan 15, 2013 10:37 AM

Caramelized Onions - Any retail vareties?

Just wondering if anyone knows of any retailer versions of caramelized onions? I've seen varieties with bacon, or roasted garlic, but just looking for the straight product. Real caramelized not fried nor sauteed.

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  1. Just to add more detail, even if its a specialty product at high end store or I can order online. I know a few high end stores in Toronto use to carry some

    1. George Brown College's restaurant The Chef's House sells a really good carmelized onion compote. Don't know if that is what you are looking for.

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      1. re: MargieEv

        Thanks. I didn't know they sold any products there, I've been there for a couple lovely lunches before. I'll inquiry.

        1. re: Helen

          Thanks for the reply. I'm guessing you are talking the Red Onion Chutney. Although its a pretty good product, its just not what I'm looking for. It has balsamic vinigar and spcies.

        2. So, I don't know if this helps or not, but we order from Fortnum&Mason in the UK. They do flat rate shipping for GBP30. Obviously this is useless for one or two items, but we do a bulk order of various preserves, teas and carmelized onions about every 6 months. We also typically do this with a few friends so we can split the GBP30 shipping cost. Unlikely to help you now, but maybe some food for thought anotehr time.

          Good luck!

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            Thanks for the tip, I will look into it.

          2. i came across this.. taste the 4th sense, hot sauce shop in port credit is having a sale feb 9th to 10 and their site advertizes caramelized onions.. might be worth checking out??