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Jan 15, 2013 10:13 AM

Date night in Delray?


My husband and I will be visiting Delray (without the kids) for a few days during Valentine's. I usually avoid eating out on Valentine's Day (in NYC, it's a madhouse) but obviously we'll be eating out that night. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for a great restaurant? (For that night, or either of the other 2 we will be there.) I've been looking at Max's Harvest and 32 East - friends have also suggested La Cigale and Brule Bistro. We are more about the food than the "scene" but of course we appreciate a nice ambiance. We like pretty much everything and am not overly concerned about the cost (if it's worth it of course!).

Thanks so much!

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  1. Of those you mentioned, I've been only to Max's Harvest and 32 East. I found both food and ambience far superior at Max's Harvest. While food at 32 East is by no means "bad," I felt that neither the food, nor the service and atmosphere, justified the high price. Both of these are commanding Manhattan pricing, but I felt that Max's is a decent value. 32 East most emphatically is not. Did not like the fact that prices at the restaurant were considerably higher than those listed on their website.

    Even removing price from the equation, I felt that many dishes on the 32 East menu were just too overworked.

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      Thank you for the reply and the information - very much appreciated. Max's sounds very much up our alley. You linked to "The Grove" - is that another place you might recommend?

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        I meant to mention that The Grove was recommended to me here on CH and might fit the bill for you; it is a new place. I plan to eat there in two weeks and will report back. Like Max's, it is in delray but not on Atlantic Ave.

    2. Those are good choices, and I'll throw Sundy House into the mix, since it's for Valentine's can't go wrong with the ambiance there, especially if the weather is nice and you're at one of their secluded outdoor tables. The chef there now is Lindsay Autrey, most recently from the Omphoy and a top chef veteran.

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        Ooh, for Valentine's that does look nice... are the outdoor tables sheltered in case the weather isn't good? Thanks so much for the idea - we had looked there for accommodations, but totally forgot when it came to the restaurant!

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          Unfortunately, if it's inclement weather, you'd have to eat inside. However, at that time of year, rain chances are much slimmer than in later months.

      2. I can't help you with the date night requests because my Delray dining tends to be more low key. But I can highly recommend Bamboo Fire for a delicious dinner. The place is small but the owners are lovely and the food is outstanding. Search for it on this board for lots of info on what to order.

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          I have heard so many great things about that restaurant on this board- we are going to have to find a way to get to Bamboo Fire!! From what I can search online it looks like it's only open for dinner - do you know if that is definitely true? Thanks so much!

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            I believe that it is only opened for dinner -- and it is not open 7 nights a week. Their website is down, but they do have a Facebook page.

            I recommend the Oxtail pepperpot and the curry goat/chicken.

        2. My husband and I just spent a considerable amount of time in Delray Beach. Max's Harvest was probably our favorite restaurant, and it has a lively and nice bistro vibe. However, it can get very loud if you are seated inside. The Grove is also excellent--very small, classy and modern decor, and quite romantic in a minimalist way. We had a great dinner at 32 East, but as far as ambiace I would rate it behind Max's and The Grove. Completely different--we had an outstanding dinner at the trendy and bustling Cut 432 on Atlantic Ave. (pricey though). You could also check out Joseph's Wine Bar in Pineapple Grove (near Max's Harvest and The Grove)--wonderful food with a Mediteranean slant and run by a father and daughter. We had a great dinner at Joseph's, but not knowing your age, I might mention that the night we dined there, we were clearly the youngest guests (we are in our mid/late 40's). Good luck! Delray Beach's dining scene has a lot to offer!

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            My friends swear by La Cigale for a romantic good food evening. It was just written up for being romantic as well.