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Jan 15, 2013 10:11 AM

Hope, Abbotsford, Chilliwack..

Anything worth detouring off the highway for? This would be for Saturday lunch as I drive up to Sun Peaks.

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  1. is that pizza place still out there - or did it sell to new owner/operator? is it this one? -

    there was a thread about pizza on Vanc board

    i like the people at Leeps Farm Market - tho it is quite out of the way (east) of the Hwy 1 --- it is near the road that comes off the bridge from Mission - if that is on your route.

    and this thread

    check out the blog mentioned - it appears to a be a british person living (or stuck!) in kamloops - interesting to read

    1. Harvest Store and Cafe in Chilliwack perhaps?

      1. If you bring along some fruit, crackers, bread and maybe a little charcuterie, you could make a lovely gourmet lunch by visiting The Farm House cheese shop which is attached to their factory just outside Agassiz. If I am ever in the area for any reason I stop in there - everything is outstanding, handmade from their own milks, and much cheaper than buying it at Les Amis du Fromage & other such places that stock the Farm House products.