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Jan 15, 2013 09:59 AM

Where to buy "clean/lean" meat??

I just started a new diet that recommends "clean, lean protein", as in, free range turkey and chicken, pasture fed pork and grass fed beef. I have been able to find these individually (except the pork) but no place seems to have all of them in one spot (that I've tried anyway). Can anyone recommend a place to get these kinds of meat in NOVA? Thanks!

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  1. EcoFriendly is at the Court House market on Sat. and the Dupont market on Sundays. There are many farmers markets with local producers that can meet your needs.
    Also, Let's Meat on the Avenue in Del Ray is a good place to get to know your butcher personally and express what you're looking for.

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      Thank you! i always forget that some markets are open year round 'cos mine closes the end of Oct. :( i will check out courthouse and next time I'm in Alex i'll stop by that meat market. i can already tell how much BETTER the meat/poultry tastes - guess you really do get what you pay for huh??